We are Hiring a Social Media and Web Content Manager for our Women’s Networks

women of green-social media content manger

Women of Green & Women as Game Changers are seeking a part-time Social Media and Web Content Manager based out of Seattle, WA or elsewhere (can work remotely). We are accepting applicants starting June 26th until the position is filled. Ultimate goals for the position are to further engage and grow our Women of Green network and Women As Game Changers Facebook group and network, promote women entrepreneurs and game changers, find and/or develop engaging content related to the green, social justice and sustainability spheres and assist in developing alternative forms of network income.

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Sweden Opens World’s First Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods


A new generation of recycling has now gone from local drop-off centers to a shopping mall that sells only repaired or upcycled products. The new recycling establishment, ReTuna Återbruksgalleria, has nothing to do with the fish; instead, it was named after the Swedish town in which the building is located, Eskilstuna, Sweden. The facilities contain both a recycling center and a shopping mall. Customers can donate the items that they no longer need, then shop for something new – all in one stop. Dropped off goods are sorted into various workshops where they are refurbished or repaired accordingly. Products are then sorted into 14 specialty shops that include furniture, computers, audio equipment, clothes, toys, bikes, and gardening and building materials; all garnered from second-hand products.

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It’s Time to Mother Nature: Women of Green’s New Campaign


This year, we had so much fun creating our Earth Day message for you and hope it will encourage others to see Earth Day as everyday! We gathered some of the most talented female artists we knew and created a Mother Nature Art Poster that is shown above. We named the campaign “It’s Time To Mother Nature” and began with the beloved long-eared owl (I have had numerous close encounters with these mystical birds so I just had to start with them). However, the whole point of our Mother Nature campaign is to increase awareness of the extremely volatile nature of all nature on our planet today. With reverence to the owl family, we created our owl out of human bodies. Two female models (I’m on the left) were body-painted and positioned to shape the owl’s head. It’s the first in a series of Women Of Green Art Posters and our plan is to create one a month for the next six months. But there is a good chance we’ll never stop! If you are an animal or nature lover like me, you can purchase our Mother Nature Owl Art Poster here. The proceeds from this collection will go toward our Women As Game Changers Entrepreneurial Training for women who are determined to change the world through their life’s work.

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Dried Shrimp Shells Could Replace Plastic Bags In Certain Countries


Plastic bags are a global problem. Annually, some one trillion of them are used around the world, and fewer than 5 percent are actually recycled. This means a massive buildup of waste, litter, and chemical toxins in the environment. Material engineering professor Nicola Everitt, from The University of Nottingham in the U.K., thinks she might have the solution: Shrimp shells. For the past year, Everitt has been working to turn crushed up crustacean shells into biodegradable plastic bags so that they can be used in Egypt, a country with a severely inadequate waste disposal system. Right now, she and the team in Egypt are working to optimize the Chitosan extraction process, which takes about three days to complete. If the team is successful in Egypt, Everitt plans to explore production in other countries where there is a similar abundance of shrimp shell waste, like Thailand.

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How to Keep Environmentalism Alive in 2017


Environmentalism has taken many different forms over the years. Recently, say the past decade or so, it’s been largely relaxed and passive. Now however, that’s changed in the U.S. as there’s a new administration in town that doesn’t have the same views on environmentalism and climate change as did the previous administration. No matter where you stand on politics, the last eight years were progress for our planet but they weren’t good enough. If you’re not sure where to begin to keep environmentalism alive in 2017, here are plenty of options.

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7 Inspiring Women Share the Best Advice They’ve Ever Received


Several of the women who appeared onstage at the sixth annual Women in the World Summit in April share the wisdom that has helped shape their lives.

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Cryogenic Energy Storage: A Step Towards a 100% Renewable Energy Future


Despite our increasing usage of renewable energy, there are still some big hurdles to achieving sustainability. The most recent challenge, which underlines the need for increased investment in renewables, comes in the form of storing renewable energy for later use. Most of us became familiar with the concept of cryogenic storage in the Sci-Fi movies and comic books we enjoyed as kids. While this actually deals with the preservation of usable electricity instead of human bodies, the idea is very much the same. Thanks to some recent breakthroughs, scientists have found that we can freeze energy via liquid nitrogen or liquid air. A process that works by collecting the heat dissipation that occurs by exposing incoming electricity to extremely low temperatures, cryogenic energy storage is an attractive option on account of its relatively low cost and its smaller physical storage requirements.

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The Once Hopelessly Polluted Anacostia River is Making a Comeback


The Anacostia River, which runs 8.7 miles from Bladensburg, Maryland, to the District of Columbia, has endured centuries of abuse. Once teeming with fish and clear water, the river is but a bedraggled ghost of its former self. But it’s a ghost with the potential to come back to life. To encourage this conservation and document the complexity of the task, photographer Krista Schlyer has brought her talent for visual storytelling to the front lines. In the process, she reaffirms the importance of looking at one’s own backyard for ways to make a big difference through environmental stewardship. “We don’t have to travel far to work on an important conservation issue: We can look in our very own backyards.”

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Women, Unleash Your Game Changer Within


We would like to invite you to a dynamic, provocative and soulful 1/2 day online with Devi Records and Carolyn Parrs called the Women Game Changers Boot Camp. If you are ready to take a leap within and get to know your true Game Changer for your important work of 2017, then come. Go to: www.womenasgamechangers.com to register. One thing is for sure, the game has changed. You will need to call forth your strengths and gifts more than ever. This boot camp is designed to help you do just that.

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Pineapple Waste is the New Leather


New materials company Ananas Anam is using pineapple waste to create a new material that provides an animal-friendly alternative to leather. The material uses fine cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves – which are considered an agricultural by-product that is often burned or left to rot. An estimated 40,000 tonnes of this pineapple waste is generated globally each year. Piñatex utilizes waste taken from pineapple plantations in the Philippines, with local factories separating the strands and felting them together into a non-woven fabric that can be used for clothes, footwear or furniture.

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