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We invite you to become part of the Santa Fe Women of Green Network!

The Santa Fe Women Of Green Network is a generative network of people who believe that the collective power of women can change the world. The network’s purpose is to increase the effectiveness and scope of our professional work, and share knowledge, skills, resources and revenue opportunities to advance our careers and businesses in the field of sustainability in our community, our state, and our world.

The Santa Fe Women Of Green Network is a local, independent sister of Women Of Green, an online community, multi media blog, and news source celebrating the many women who are leading the way in sustainability and social justice. These women are here to make a difference and use their voices and talents to create meaningful change on behalf of the planet and future generations. If this network calls to you, please sign up below to be informed about local events, announcements, available resources and ultimately to be connected to the amazing women making real change in the world.

Go to and the Santa Fe Women of Green Network Facebook Page to learn more.