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Submission Guidelines
Women Of Green is an online community with a singular purpose: To turn up the volume of the feminine voice on behalf of our planet and the web of life that it supports. The feminine voice coalesces from diverse backgrounds and here at Women of Green we hope to encourage a dialogue between voices coming from the public arena as well as the personal realm.

Our interests here at Women Of Green are broad, with the unifying thread of our focus being the importance of integrating and highlighting women’s ideas, dreams and designs.

In our online blog and forum, we cover a wide range of topics by category:

We are looking for stories about women who are active in the areas of ecological sustainability, clean technology, community organization and revitalization, corporate responsibility and innovation, environmental arts and media, social entrepreneurship and green business, sustainable design, social justice, philanthropy, greening the home, healthy families, food sustainability, fashion, travel, the arts, spirituality, and more.

We welcome your stories and ideas. We encourage guest blog posts, article submissions, query letters and reprint offers. Contact carolyn (at) mindovermarkets  . com.