What Can the World Learn From Germany’s First Zero-Emission Train?


The transportation industry has a massive impact on the environment, largely because it’s collectively responsible for burning most of the world’s petroleum and creating carbon dioxide emissions. Last fall, French manufacturer Alstom demonstrated the Coradia iLint, a zero-emissions train that is carbon-neutral, but in a way you probably wouldn’t expect. The train requires a hydrogen tank and a fuel cell, but the hydrogen it uses is a waste product created by the chemical industry. By relying on a substance that’s otherwise useless, the train doesn’t place an additional burden on the environment. The train will permanently take passengers on the German Buxtehude/Bremervörde/Bremerhaven/Cuxhaven route beginning in 2018.

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A Day Without A Woman: A Look at Intersectionality


Within progressive circles, there is much debate about the women’s strike that was part of “A Day Without a Woman,” a nationwide protest held on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017. In this video, made on the day of the event, Lisa Blair discusses the strike through the lens of intersectionality, recognizing the multifaceted identities of women and our diverse needs and challenges stemming from other intersecting forms of oppression. Lisa Blair is a process-oriented psychotherapist, interdisciplinary artist and fine art photographer, activist and feminist focused on intersectionality.

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Renewable Energy is Expanding So Fast, Power Grid Infrastructure Can’t Keep Up


Renewable energy is gaining ground. In some places, though, it may be gaining too much too fast. The infrastructure isn’t able to handle the large amounts of added energy from renewables, in countries like China and Germany. Providing adequate energy has always presented challenges. With the new technologies that are available today, new opportunities, as well as new difficulties, arise. Although the transition may seem problematic, the benefits are well worth it. Consumers can help move the transition forward by learning more about renewables and purchasing renewable energy when possible. As a country and a planet, we need to invest in new technologies, work to increase grid flexibility and be open to new ideas if we are to navigate the move to a more renewable energy generation mix smoothly.

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10 Companies Going From Waste-to-Landfill to Zero Waste


Business leaders around the world are contemplating how to take their companies to the next level when it comes to sustainability because many believe they can create closed looped systems that are both profitable and sustainable. Despite what’s happening in Washington, American businesses are rising to the occasion and doing just that — cutting carbon emissions, conserving water and energy, and engaging employees around their goals. Has your company ever thought about going zero waste? These 10 firms working toward zero waste to landfill prove it’s possible. And no, it won’t kill jobs or hurt profits.

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How to Keep Environmentalism Alive in 2017


Environmentalism has taken many different forms over the years. Recently, say the past decade or so, it’s been largely relaxed and passive. Now however, that’s changed in the U.S. as there’s a new administration in town that doesn’t have the same views on environmentalism and climate change as did the previous administration. No matter where you stand on politics, the last eight years were progress for our planet but they weren’t good enough. If you’re not sure where to begin to keep environmentalism alive in 2017, here are plenty of options.

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Join our Women As Game Changers Movement!


The Women As Game Changers network is a powerful response to having reached a tipping point where an untapped, unwavering, fierce feminine energy is rising. Rising to resist the closing of our borders, the closing of the EPA, the closing of affordable healthcare for our families, the closing of minds. Our core purpose is to engage, activate and support the women who have dedicated their lives and their labors to creating a peaceful, sustainable world for all. Through training’s, gatherings, collaborations, preservation, sustainability, equality and protection, Women As Game Changers is transforming the women who are transforming the world. If our purpose and mission resonates with you, join us as we come together in the Women As Game Changers training, conferences or webinar, and become a member of Women As Game Changers on our website and Facebook group.

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Maryland and Michigan Boost Renewable Energy Standards


While Ohio’s legislature has tried to further weaken the state’s renewable energy standards, lawmakers from two other states – Maryland and Michigan – have beefed up their state’s standards. Maryland is the latest state to do so. Its general assembly passed a law last year that required 22 percent of the electricity sold in the state to be produced by renewable sources by 2020. The old standard had been 20 percent by 2022. In December, Michigan, voted to increase its renewable energy standard to 15 percent from 10 percent by 2021. The legislation also set a voluntary goal of satisfying 35 percent of the state’s electricity demand through a combination of renewable sources, energy efficiency and demand reduction.

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The Navajo Solar Project: Lighting the Navajo Nation with Solar Powered LED Lights

Roughly 250,000 people call the “domestically dependent” sovereign Navajo Nation home. It is a place full of diverse landscapes, tradition, beauty, and history. Many inhabitants live in such remote places that simple amenities like running water, power and lights aren’t available. Miles of rugged dirt roads separate neighbors and the cost of running power and water to each home becomes fiscally impossible. Thus, over 18,000 homes are without power. Part of a larger ongoing operation run by Elephant Energy, known as Eagle Energy to the Navajo, a non-profit dedicated to resolving the energy access issues in Africa and in the Navajo Nation, Eagle Energy and The Honnold Foundation partnered with Goal Zero, The North Face, and Clif Bar to install solar panels and lights on rural homes and to donate to an entrepreneurship program Eagle Energy has already set in motion.

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Find Your Tribe, Grow Your Tribe, Love Your Tribe, then Market to Your Tribe


Building your tribe has everything to do with resonance and passion. And when that’s strong within you, you’ll see that the more you give, the more you’ll get back. Well if this resonates with you, and you want to know more on how to build your tribe and reach your ideal audience, you are invited to my free webinar: Find Your Tribe, Grow Your Tribe, Love Your Tribe, then Market to Your Tribe. Well if this resonates with you, and you want to know more on how to build your tribe and reach your ideal audience, you are invited to my free webinar: Find Your Tribe, Grow Your Tribe, Love Your Tribe, then Market to Your Tribe.

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7 Inspiring Women Share the Best Advice They’ve Ever Received


Several of the women who appeared onstage at the sixth annual Women in the World Summit in April share the wisdom that has helped shape their lives.

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