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We’re So Excited. We Just Can’t Hide it!

This year, the women of Women Of Green have committed to sponsoring a woman who is fully committed to creating a sustainable world through her work. To further her efforts and success, she will attend the Bioneers Cultivating Women’s Leadership training this summer. It’s going to take all of us to help her get there.

Our Goal Together.

The goal is $2,500.00 by June 2011. If you have landed on this page, it’s by no mistake. Be part of the family of Women Of Green that will make this happen. $5.00, $10.00, $25.00 is all it takes. Carolyn will recognize Women Of Green contributors in her podcasts and in all our social media channels. You’ll be in great company!

This is What You Can Be Part Of.

Your gift will support the Cultivating Women’s Leadership program in bringing together women of diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds to learn from and with each other. It focuses on leadership that is sourced from each woman’s deep love and passionate commitment – for the natural world, women, health, children, the sacred and justice. The form of leadership is informed by the combined intelligence of our bodies, hearts, minds and intuitive knowing. This kind of leadership values humility, listening and not-knowing, and understands vulnerability as a potential asset. It prioritizes authenticity, mutual respect, and collaborative and inclusive approaches. It is based upon the principal that leadership emerges from the inner work we do, and that we cannot influence change we haven’t embodied ourselves.

The Power of Integration.

This leadership recognizes the power of integrating the best of the “feminine” and “masculine” capacities within each of us. It balances strategic and effective external action with inner awareness and self-care. It employs ongoing practices of reflection, learning and self-cultivation, and advocates both attitudinal rigor and compassion in relationship to our own emergent leadership.

What She’ll Learn.

The Bioneers Cultivating Women’s Leadership Intensive emphasizes the unique qualities and opportunities that women bring to leadership, this training will help her learn practical skills to:

  • Develop a stronger connection to her own purpose
  • Explore the nature of shared leadership and practice reclaiming her own inner authority
  • Hone her relational intelligence, helping her navigate differences to enhance collaborations
  • Cultivate a practice of inner reflection to better align her intentions and behavior
  • Experience how powerfully women can help inform, grow and strengthen each other

What We Believe.

We believe women have a very special and urgent role to take on in the world now. As the original nurturers, we are integral in creating a sustainable future for our children, the planet and its beings. If not us, than who? But we need more women trained to take this mission on. Your gift will go directly to this cause. Won’t you help us help a woman that is helping the world?

Here’s What Past Attendees of CWL Say:

“I have been frustrated at times feeling insulated in my own life, busy with children and spending so much time with women my own age, ethnicity and social strata. The compassion, empathy, deep understanding and heartfelt connections cultivated through hearing one another’s stories just cracked my heart open. I believe this is absolutely essential to initiating change in the world. We have to find ways to personalize how the systems that we consciously or unconsciously support impact those in other communities. This workshop provided a profound, meaningful forum to lovingly explore our blind spots, prejudices and assumptions, along with celebrating our common ground and the brilliant tapestry in which our lives are interwoven.”

– a green mayor of a northern CA city

“I so appreciate the generosity of spirit, work, and courage the training exemplified by being inclusive. Their vision created a space where I, as a woman of color, felt valued and wanted to value others different than myself.  This eco-equity vision is essential for the work of the environmental movement to become a universal reality.

“When will we be a fully-engaged force for positive change? Through CWL we experienced the answer: When women join together and connect across differences to support each other to find their feminine strengths and accept their shadows. When women go to their center and ground themselves in their uniqueness, authenticity and purpose. When women are allowed to bloom at whatever age so their intuition and hearts lead their actions.”

– community organizer who works with prisoners to green San Quentin

“Imagine a room full of women who are as dedicated to their social mission as you are to yours. The energy is transformative. The wisdom is timeless. The friendship is lifelong. They are helping me take Women Of Green to a whole new level. They are part of my tribe forever.”

– Carolyn Parrs, Women Of Green

Your Gift is Worth a Thousand Thank You’s.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (997 to go)!  Below is a Pay Pal button to make your offering easy. Whether your gift is $5.00 (a lot of $5.00 bills go a long way) or $2,500.00 (we’re speechless), we at Women Of Green are deeply thankful for your commitment to help create a sustainable and peaceful earth. Welcome to the Women Of Green family!

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