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The largest intergenerational transfer of wealth the world has ever seen is about to happen. Women will soon hold much of the power. Perhaps that is why the Dalai Lama made the extraordinary statement: The world will be saved by the western women. Yes, women have the remarkable ability to direct the world towards health and sustainability. But sometimes we may need help to focus, deepen and expand your ability to impact the world we live in.

That’s what Women As Game Changers Coaching is all about.

WAGC Coaching calls forth women in a powerful way to awakening their untapped, feminine energy to be the change in their world — whether it’s in their community, business, organization or family life.  

“We need a world full of people asking deep questions or else we’re not going to have a world to live in,” — Rose Marcario, CEO  Patagonia    

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Your Coach

Carolyn Parrs is a certified Business, Marketing and Life Coach for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of women turn up the volume of their voice, passions, businesses and life! She has worked in business development and marketing from Madison Avenue to Main Street America for over 25 years and combined this with her 15 + years in the green movement and holistic field. She has helped launch many green and socially focused businesses, institutions and services from organics to green websites to cleaning products, home decor, personal care, renewable energy, educational institutions, children products and accessories, pet products, eco services and more. See her green marketing communications company website, Mind Over Markets to learn more.

Here’s what you can count on with Carolyn:

  • Create the mega mindset to excel in the work or projects you were born to do
  • Set specific goals and a course of action to achieve them
  • Get business-building feedback and strategies
  • Change behavioral patterns and systems that hinder growth
  • Be held accountable to the actions that you commit to
  • Set assignments to do between coaching/consultation sessions to strengthen you power and purpose

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, call 505-231-2342 or email Carolyn at: carolyn (at) mindovermarkets (dot) com.

Love Letters

“Carolyn Parrs is the most knowledgeable, experienced and personable Coach and ally that I can imagine. From the moment I met her to my most recent session, I continue to be so ‘greatful’ to have her support and expertise on a crucial part of my journey. It has made a tremendous difference.”

– Colleen Kelley, Artist, Author, Teacher, Counselor

“Carolyn truly brings her heart into her coaching relationship with her clients. She not only understands what it is that I am trying to accomplish but she also cares and is invested in my success – whether it involves my career, relationships, personal life, or personal growth. Carolyn gives me the space and time to explore all aspects of what I’m working to accomplish – the reasons why I want to do it, my emotions and drive behind it, the activities I need to do, and the impact the activities may have. She acts as my sounding board, my advisor and my best friend and cheerleader. As a result, after each coaching session I am invigorated and ready to face any challenges as I work toward my goals. I’ve been working with Carolyn for the past 6 years and, when I look back over that time and see the changes that I have been able to make in my life, I know that it would not have been possible – or as much fun! – without Carolyn’s coaching and support.”

– Jennifer Monihan-Searles, Consultant

I spent some time visualizing my future with the elements you gave me and I was clearly able to picture my very bright future. Thank you for all of your wisdom, encouragement and love! It is my great pleasure to work with you and share this journey. I am very fortunate to have you in my life. You have topped my gratitude list!”

– Laurie Raphael, Designer

“Working with Carolyn is like suddenly finding a secret, hidden, beautiful, pathway to the core of myself. Not simply as a wife, mother, or daughter, but as the passionate and purposeful woman I was born to be. Thank you for taking those first steps with me. I am forever changed. I am forever grateful.”
– NM, Teacher


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