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Jess Phoenix on Why We Need More Scientists in Congress

Jess Phoenix is a geologist who studies volcanoes. She also happens to be running in the 2018 election to represent the people of the 25th Congressional District in California. On December 28, she shared a post on her Facebook page that explained why she thinks more scientists belong in Congress. We at Women of Green couldn’t agree more. Read her post below:

“One question I hear a lot is “why should we send a scientist to Congress since you don’t know anything about making laws?” Our soundbite century shows its flaws here for 2 reasons.
1) scientists would kick ass at making laws,
2) I’m much more than “just a scientist.”

All scientists are by definition trained in the scientific method. It’s the process of using data gained through observations to remove uncertainties around a hypothesis in an effort to ascertain the truth. In other words, we use facts to understand our world.

In addition, field scientists like me are not white-coated lab dwellers (although I do love lab work & my lab-based friends). My work is done in the most extreme, dangerous conditions on the planet. Literally. Active volcanoes, remote mountains, scorching deserts, etc.

I lead expeditions of people who’ve never even camped before. It’s my job to keep them safe and do good science. Creative problem solving is the key to field research. I’ve fixed a blown tire sidewall with bubblegum, a ball point pen, and duct tape. Other scientists have too.

Scientists are adaptable, creative, and logical. We are trained to look at all available facts to work towards eliminating uncertainties. It’s our job, and it’s the job of a field scientist to find information that will save lives. Sounds like a good skillset for Congress to me.

Now to my 2nd point: my background. My life didn’t start when I went into geology 10 years ago, at the age of 25. Since I started at my first job (minimum wage retail at Best Buy) 18 years ago, I have worked in an array of jobs. Our economy doesn’t allow one career now.

I have been an electronics salesperson, a store manager (shoes, electronics, pet products), a camp counselor, a local newspaper advertising salesperson, a college residence life staffer, a low-level marketer, a veterinary technician, an archival technician, a claims adjuster, a college professor, a horse trainer, an appliance salesperson, a photographer, a writer, a spay and neuter clinic coordinator, and a global business consultant. I am so much more than “just a scientist.” We need Representatives who have more than one skillset.

These days tons of people are running who are capable of more than just one thing. If you ask me, that makes all of us professionally diverse, creative folks great candidates for Congress. We need curiosity to fight ignorance. We need versatility to fix stagnation.

We need people who have hired and fired, researched and explored, comforted and healed, educated and created, learned and built, struggled and triumphed. We need officials who know when to listen and when to lead. So yes, more scientists in Congress. I think we’ll do just fine.

P.S. the photo below is the tire mentioned above, ballpoint pen and all.”

Jess Phoenix Congress

Photo from Jess Phoenix’s Facebook page


Source: Jess Phoenix Facebook Post

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