Sustainability in our DNA

Women play a vital role in society; we are the hub in the wheel on which the family resides, we are the silent hard workers.  A woman symbolizes the earth, she searches for food and offers protection and safety.  

Through the generations, women have fought for the right to vote, an end to sexual violence, equal rights in family law, fair wages or equal pay, the rights to own property and to education, the list is endless. Our next pivotal role now, which has always been of paramount importance but has become critical: our role in sustainability.

I believe that we can be catalysts for innovation in sustainability.  We are naturally nurturing and what better a cause to fight for than mother earth and the health of its inhabitants.  

Sustainability is obviously not a question of gender, but we find ourselves in most cases the decision makers in the home, therefore we tend to dictate what is purchased, and whether organic food is eaten, and if organic products are used.  Even in rural communities where women wonder where their next meal will come from, interestingly enough, these women have now emerged in the forefront with many ecology initiatives in their hope to find alternative sustainable approaches rather than destructive.

Women who run businesses (in general) tend to run them with a lot more emotions involved than men. This does not mean we are weak – our process is just different.  I think this gives us the impetus to run companies more responsibly, which means taking everything into account, the lives of our staff and our environmental impact.

We have an obligation to give back, we have a natural ability to do so.

Boldly said, being naturally nurturing, we have sustainability in our DNA!  

My journey to reach where I am now, founder and owner at Green Touches, an ecological cleaning & consulting company, began many moons ago.  I suppose my generation grew up organic (ah, giving my age away now).  Growing up in Ireland and even as a city girl, we woke to clinking milk bottles with creamy tops, freshly baked breads and yummy cream cakes delivered to your door.  Shopping was done at the local shops, supporting local businesses, you brought your own shopping bag and not one made of plastic. I remember my grandmother had her tartan red shopping bag on wheels, a nightmare on a busy Saturday on the streets of Dublin.

Sustainability in our DNA

Rush Co. Dublin, Ireland. Courtesy of Adrienne Doolan.

Vegetables were sold despite their funny shapes, crooked carrots, small and large potatoes.  Oh and we only ate mandarin oranges at Christmas time when they were in season, and they tasted so sweet.  I never saw a sweet potato, avocado, kiwi or star fruit as a child, not until I started to live abroad and discovered a whole world of wonderful food!

I can still remember the exotic brazil nuts and coconuts which we found at Halloween time.  In my memory everything tasted fresh and different, strawberries and raspberries in July, blackberries in September, I loved picking them along the hedgerows and piling them into my bowl to bring home to have my mother make pies and jam.

I am definitely a proponent for sustainable farming.  We grow too much of the same food on large plots of land and with climate change this will lead to countries who produce too much of the same foods, and will result with them being unable to feed their population in times of floods or droughts.

Going back to the old ways of subsistence farming will be a better way to sustain our ever growing populations.

Small holdings growing a variety of foods, so in the event of too much rain or a drought, we will still be able to provide foodstuffs.  But that’s a subject for another day.

Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai. Courtesy of Adrienne Doolan.

I adore nature, I am never happier than when I am out and about in it, be it a forest or a lake walk or a desert stretching as far as the eye can see.  I’m always on the lookout for creatures scurrying here and there, and my heart soars when I spot something.

I’m careful to protect nature and to nurture my surroundings.  And speaking of nurturing, as soon as I became pregnant with my eldest son, I put away my cell phone, was cognizant of everything I ate and never let any traditional chemicals touch his body.  

I clean using only natural organic cleaning products, or bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon.  I use only natural products for our personal care and I heal using essential oils.  If nature provided us all the solutions, then why the heck don’t we use them.  I live on The Sustainable City in Dubai, which provides me with all the solutions to help me live a sustainable life, I like to call it “living as a tree hugger in sustainable luxury”.

My desire to share my knowledge of my way of living has led me to set up a company that is unique in the services it provides and allows me the knowledge to share to a now willing audience of people who are looking for solutions to live a healthier way of life without exposure to toxic chemicals.  

My company provides services and consultancy to both commercial and residential clients who are looking for ways to protect their customers, families and the environment as they become more aware of the scientific evidence that prove the effect chemicals have on our health and the environment.  

I feel so lucky for my work to be also my life’s work and I incorporate my values into the company in order to create a socially responsible organization that has lots to give back to society.

I can be a bit forceful sometimes with my desire to get people to change but I assure you, I do it with a good heart.  




This Women of Green guest blog is by Adrienne Doolan. Adrienne lives in hot and sunny Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Through her work she seeks to “green” Dubai by educating people about the environmental and health dangers of using toxic chemicals. She is the founder and CEO of Green Touches, an ethical and ecological cleaning company. She lives in The Sustainable City, which is the first net zero energy development in the Emirate of Dubai.



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