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How to Quit Your Plastic Habit, Want Less & Live Green Daily

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

—Native American Proverb

Did you know that every piece of plastic ever created from the time of invention in 1905 until now is still in existence today? Did you also know that by 2030 (just shy of 2 more decades) there will be more plastic in the oceans, than fish?

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Follow along in this conversational and action-oriented book as author Geordie Wardman presents a simple solution to the reasons why you should be worried, nay terrified, about the plastic that is piling up, literally, on the planet. There is no where else for this plastic but to slowly breakdown over 300 – 1000 years as it ends up in our landfills, our oceans, our bodies, and ultimately into a our children’s children’s bodies.

In Our Plastic Legacy. How to quit plastic, want less, and live green daily, you will find: Why plastic pollution is arguably the single most important environmental crises in the world today, perhaps greater but most certainly contributing to climate change -Facts about how plastic affects our environment, particularly our oceans and our health -How a single person can do more to help solve the problem than ever imaginable -Inspirational interludes from various entrepreneurs, businesses, citizens and extraordinary moms from around the world and what they’re doing to help solve or curb the problem – Tips on how to live green and completely eliminate your plastic intake on a daily basis – A fresh, new mindset towards how to rid the desires and needs to keep adding plastic into your life which will prepare you with the foundation to make real life changes while providing you the ability to live simpler, cleaner, and more fulfilling lives, without leaving a multi-millennial plastic legacy on the earth. Our Plastic Legacy equips readers with the key to unlock the simple pleasures that abound for all of us on a daily basis, no matter your background or upbringing, calling you to share your newly found wisdom with your family, your friends, and communities so that we can stop, once and for all, the mad consumption of plastic that is causing our planet to drown in a sea of plastics. Don’t wait. Read this book now, and unlock the benefits of living a simpler, greener life today.

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About the Author

Geordie Wardman is a full-time entrepreneur, father, and husband, and now published author. After successfully starting five companies over the last decade and selling three of them, he has dedicated his professional energies into creating everyday eco-friendly products. You can find those products at www.tranquilo.net. Based on the preliminary success of this book, Geordie plans on devoting more energy to writing about topics that he’s passionate about, including eco-friendly living, but he won’t rule out books on other topics. He lives part-time in Switzerland with his wife and two sons and part-time in Mexico. He enjoys reading, travel, surfing, and skiing.

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