Women of Green – One of 75 Top Green Living Blogs For An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

We have some wonderful news to share with you all, our dear Women of Green community and beyond. We are elated to announce that we were chosen as one of the Top 75 Green Living Blogs For An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle by AJ Madison, the national home appliance authority.  What an honor to have be highlighted for the work we do alongside so many other great green living blogs such as TreeHugger, EcoWatch, Recycle Nation, Petite Planet, Trash is for Tossers and many more. Thank you to our community for your support!

As we find ourselves in this moment of celebration, we feel the need to reflect on the creation of Women Of Green, what our mission has morphed into and how it continues to transform (more to come on that later). So here we go….

Women of Green began as a persistent urging by one woman to harness the collective power of women around the world to create positive, dramatic and impactful change around the globe. But how? As a long-time communicator, Carolyn Parrs started with what she knew best, to communicate, first through her own podcast, and then by inviting other women and leaders to do the same. That’s why “Turn Up the Volume” is our mantra and motto on Women Of Green.

Today, Women Of Green is a community, multi-media blog and news source located in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico celebrating the many women who are leading the way in sustainability and social justice. The Women of Green network consists of authors and artists, chefs and lawyers, activists, journalists, policy makers, social entrepreneurs etc. whom live, work, recreate and/or relax in the green space. These women are here to make a difference and use their voices and talents to create meaningful change on behalf of the planet and future generations.

We recognize the importance of UN sponsored campaigns to end domestic violence just as we recognize the pressing need for western women to lead the way in the conscious reduction of waste and wise consumption. We believe that the green movement has much to learn from social justice (and vice versa), that scientific discoveries can be metaphors for community revitalization, and that personal stories from local mothers have every right to exist alongside larger stories of business and environmental law.

Our interests at Women Of Green are broad, but the unifying thread of our focus is the importance of integrating and highlighting women’s ideas, dreams and designs. So, if you feel a calling to share your voice with us, learn how you can here.

Thank you again to the many who have offered up such wonderful support throughout the years. We are immensely grateful and look forward to many more years of growing this Women of Green community.

And last but not least, thank you to AJ Madison for the great shout out!

If you are just learning about us now, please join in on the #WomenOfGreen conversation by visiting our Facebook (@WomenOfGreen), Twitter (@womenofgreen) and our soon to be transformed website (womenofgreen.com).

Women of Green is TURNING UP THE VOLUME of the feminine voice on the planet in order to create the world we know is possible.


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