It’s Time to Mother Nature: Women of Green’s New Campaign

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This year, we had so much fun creating our Earth Day message for you and hope it will encourage others to see Earth Day as everyday! For the last 15 years, I have lived in an artist haven. Santa Fe, New Mexico is considered the 4th largest art market in the world. So there are artists, musicians, writers and creative ones everywhere. You can’t help being influenced by the plethora of talent in this town.

Now since my “art” has always been in messaging, this is what we did for Earth Day this year. I gathered some of the most talented female artists I knew and created a Mother Nature Art Poster that is shown above. We named the campaign “It’s Time To Mother Nature” and began with the beloved long-eared owl (I have had numerous close encounters with these mystical birds so I just had to start with them). However, the whole point of our Mother Nature campaign is to increase awareness of the extremely volatile nature of all nature on our planet today.

How We Did It

With reverence to the owl family, we created our owl out of human bodies. Two female models (I’m on the left) were body-painted and positioned to shape the owl’s head. It’s the first in a series of Women Of Green Art Posters and our plan is to create one a month for the next six months. But there is a good chance we’ll never stop!

If you are an animal or nature lover like me, you can purchase our Mother Nature Owl Art Poster here. The proceeds from this collection will go toward our Women As Game Changers Entrepreneurial Training for women who are determined to change the world through their life’s work.

Thank you so much for supporting them and Women Of Green through your purchase! We hope you and your family enjoyed your Earth Day and go out in nature to enjoy this amazing planet we live on.


PS: No artists were harmed in the making of this piece.

Purchase the Poster Art Here!




carolyn_parrs_grow_your_tribe_women_of_greenCarolyn Parrs is an Environmentalist, Writer, Media Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator and Mother of two living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is deeply passionate about harnessing the power of women to help create a positive, dramatic and measureable impact on the planet.


Ariana Throne, Social Justice Body Painter

Audrey Derell, Photographer, Mother

Dawn Manges, Graphic Arts, Mother

Owl Models

Rachelle Rowlett (right)

Carolyn Parrs (left)

Women of Green is TURNING UP THE VOLUME of the feminine voice on the planet in order to create the world we know is possible.

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