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Women As Game Changers

Transforming the women who are transforming the world.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

–Chinese proverb

On January 21, 2017, an estimated 4.5 million women across the globe marched to protest a world that is fast retreating into fear, xenophobia, misogyny and climate disaster. This effort took a mere 74 days to organize globally.

Behold the power of the feminine.

We are reaching a tipping point where this untapped, unwavering, fierce feminine energy is rising. Rising to resist the closing of our borders, the closing of the EPA, the closing of affordable healthcare for our families, the closing of minds.

Women As Game Changers is a powerful response to this. Our core purpose is to engage, activate and support the women who have dedicated their lives and their labors to creating a peaceful, sustainable world for all.

Why Women?

According to Conscious Company Magazine, “The largest intergenerational transfer of wealth the world has ever seen is about to happen. Women and Millennials will soon hold much of the power.” Perhaps that is why the Dalai Lama made the extraordinary statement: “The world will be saved by the western women.”

What’s more, Fortune Magazine’s article (March 2016) “Meet the World’s Greatest Female Leaders” stated, “The future of leadership is female”. Yes, women have the remarkable ability to direct the world towards health and sustainability which is a core focus of Women As Game Changers and Women Of Green.

  • In the United States alone, women buy 85% of the consumer goods. That’s over 7 trillion dollars a year.
  • Women are starting their own businesses at twice the rate of men.
  • It is estimated that 66% of the total private wealth in the US will be held by women by 2030.

That’s game-changing power!

Through training’s, gatherings, collaborations, preservation, sustainability, equality and protection, Women As Game Changers is transforming the women who are transforming the world.


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If our purpose and mission resonates with you, join us as we come together in the Women As Game Changers training, conferences or webinar, and become a member of Women As Game Changers on our website and Facebook group.


About the “Women as Game Changers with Carolyn & Devi” Facebook Group:

“We need game changers more than ever! Women As Game Changers with Carolyn & Devi provides a place where women can share their game-changing work with the world. This group was birthed from the Women As Game Changers Global online summit and 2016 Live Conference in Santa Fe, NM. with Nell Newman. As a result of these transformative events, a Women As Game Changers Training evolved. The goal of this training is to focus on outer game skills that will take your business, organization or initiative to the next level, as well inner game skills that will help you recognize and change your subconscious scripts, beliefs and blocks.”




Through many years of real-life entrepreneurial and organizational experience and practice, Carolyn Parrs and Devi Record know that true success is combination of outer game skills, inner game confidence and strong community support. To learn more go to www.womenasgamechangers.com




Women of Green is TURNING UP THE VOLUME of the feminine voice on the planet in order to create the world we know is possible.

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