Claiming Your Voice – A Taste of the Women As Game Changers Conference: Interview with Consuelo Luz

Claiming our voice, being heard, and owning our power are an integral part of being a game changer. That’s why I started Women Of Green — to turn up the volume of the feminine voice on the planet. As a coach, I heard story after story of amazing, ordinary women doing extraordinary things. As a communicator, I KNEW I had to communicate this and help these remarkable women be heard.

Consuelo Luz does the same. In a very different way.

Consuelo is a vocal alchemist. She uses intuitive vocals to sound sounds and sing melodies that cover the spectrum of human vocalization, transmitting what the body needs to express in an alchemical process to effect change. And positive change is what we’re after, right?

That’s why I am so excited that Consuelo will be joining us at the Women As Game Changers Conference: Creating a New Game this Friday. She will guide us in freeing our voices so we can release what is holding us back. Check out her video here.

Consuelo is a singer/songwriter, activist and award-winning international recording and performing artist. In the 1990s, she started researching and studying the ancient art of healing with sound and developed a vocal practice which she calls vocal alchemy or Vocalchemy to activate our dormant powers, and allow for transformation and fulfillment of our higher purpose.

At the Women As Game Changers Conference, you will meet other game-changing women like Consuelo AND dive into your own game-changing idea or work through our Generative Business Process so that you can have the impact you were born to.

In our full-day “Creating a New Game” conference you will:

  • Identify the “Women As Game Changers” game you are changing
  • Delineate the strengths and challenges of your inner game that directly effects your outer game
  • Learn strategies on how to recognize and overcome your barriers
  • Get inspired and educated by bold, rule-breaking women who are their game now; draw from their deep well of wisdom
  • Receive support from our local and global tribe of women to activate and elevate the game changer in you

All of this takes place at the beautiful Sunrise Springs Resort & Spa with Nell Newman, daughter of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, and cofounder of Newman’s Own Organics: The Second Generation.

This conference is only 4 days away and spaces are almost gone. So if you are thinking of joining us, just say YES and make this time of your life the best ever.


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