Turning Dishes into Dirt – A Taste of the Women As Game Changers Conference: Interview with Susanna Carson

What if you could turn your dishes into dirt? Well, thanks to Susanna Carson, you can. She will tell us all about her game-changing work at the upcoming Women As Game Changers: Creating a New Game Conference: Creating a New Game on October 13-14 in Santa Fe, NM. Maybe that’s why this video is so green!

About Susanna

Susanna Carson is an entrepreneur building her personal and corporate legacy through the business of sustainable / compostable packaging. She is the founder and CEO of BSI Biodegradable Solutions, a compostable packaging distribution company, and more recently BESICS Packaging Corporation, a compostable retail products company. Carson has more than 23 years of education and work experience in environmental issues and business development. Susanna serves as Co-chair of the Product and Packaging Working Group of the National Zero Waste Council; is a topic expert for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition; and a founding member of Women for Nature, supporting environmental conservation and education programs. One of her more personally satisfying roles is educating female entrepreneurs on sustainability in business.

At the Women As Game Changers Conference, you will meet other game-changing women like Susanna AND dive into your own game-changing idea or work, through our Generative Business Process so that you can have the impact you were born to.

In our full-day “Creating a New Game” conference you will:

  • Identify the “Women As Game Changers” game you are changing
  • Delineate the strengths and challenges of your inner game that directly effects your outer game
  • Learn strategies on how to recognize and overcome your barriers
  • Get inspired and educated by bold, rule-breaking women who are their game now; draw from their deep well of wisdom
  • Receive support from our local and global tribe of women to activate and elevate the game changer in you

All of this takes place at the magical Sunrise Springs Resort & Spa with Nell Newman, daughter of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, and co-founder of Newman’s Own Organics: The Second Generation.

The night before, we’ll mingle with Santa Fe locals at our public event where Mayor Gonzales awards the sustainability superstars of Northern New Mexico — followed by a community presentation with Nell.


Make sure you register early because space is limited. You can enjoy our discounted room rates at Sunrise Springs up until October 1. 

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