4 Life Lessons That Confident Women Have Learned

Being a confident woman isn’t about perfection. It’s about learning and embracing your true self in all its imperfections. As you read through the four lessons, give yourself credit and support for the progress you’ve made in your own life and the lessons you’ve learned.

Being “nice” is over-rated
Being “nice” isn’t the same thing as being considerate or thoughtful of others. Being “nice” is the misguided strategy of people-pleasing out of fear of being judged and rejected. A confident woman has learned that if someone is upset with her, that’s not her problem. It’s not that a confident woman can’t hear feedback. She can hear it just fine—and then she makes up her own mind.

There is no substitute for confidence 
Confident women have learned the hard way that no matter what you do (or don’t do) someone is going to complain and blame. A confident woman knows the more she acts and speaks from a place of confidence the more others listen and follow her lead. A confident woman speaks up, confident in her own voice. That confidence is what inspires those around her to trust her opinions, experience and leadership.

Life-balance is an illusion
Confident women have learned the hard lesson they can’t have that mythical “balanced life.” Realizing that, the confident woman takes pride in making her presence felt deeply in all areas of her life. The confident woman has learned to harmonize her life and while the time she devotes to the various areas of her life ebbs and flows, her love and commitment is constant. The confident woman lives from passion and peace of mind, not from a need to pursue the impossible.

Gender inequality can’t stop you
Everyone knows the gender gap at work and in life is alive and well. However, confident women have learned that although they’re sometimes victimized by gender inequality, they don’t have to be a victim to it. Confident women stand up, speak up, and take the lead. They join the ranks of millions of strong women whose lives are a declaration: “You might slow me down but you will never stop me—deal with it.”

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