6 Questions Every Game Changer Needs To Ask Every Day

It’s been said that if you want to find the right answers, ask the right questions. Here are 6 that can be life changing. Ask them frequently because as you expand your consciousness, your answers will expand too.

  1. Did I do what I could today to make tomorrow the way I want it to be?

We spend so much time thinking and deliberating on what we don’t want. And when we do that over and over again, it’s like an energetic magnet attracting to us the stuff we are hoping to avoid. I love this question because it continually realigns me with what I want most. Practice this and see your life transform before your eyes.

  1. How would the game changer I would like to be do what I’m about to do?

I get a different answer every time I ask this question. Some days it’s about confidence, other days about calmness. But whatever I get, it’s always what is needed most in my life at that time. What’s needed most for you?

  1. Who could help me today if I just ask?

Asking for help was one of the hardest lessons I have learned in my life. I am happy to say that my Superwoman syndrome is nearly gone. I ask more and, in turn, receive more. Go figure? Just for the fun of it, ask three people for something you really need help with today. Now let the magic begin.

  1. How can I give more value to more people in less time?

When I asked Dr. Bernie Siegel why he said yes to coming on my cable show years go he said that his one message could reach more people in less time. The same is true for this newsletter or on my Facebook page. What avenues can you develop that would allow you to do the same, game changer?

  1. What’s the one goal that I must accomplish within the next 3 months?

Ditch the laundry list. The things that keep you busy but don’t really achieve much results. Now close your eyes and quietly repeat this question in your mind/heart. I know what mine is. What’s yours?

  1. How can I infuse love into everything I do today?

Want to supercharge your purpose line? Practice this one without fail. Love is the energy that goes before to create what we want. What or who do you need to love up today?

By Carolyn Parrs 
Carolyn Parrs has been working with game changers her entire life. She has trained them, coached them, launched them, and marketed them through numerous vehicles such as Mind Over Markets, her strategic marketing communications and design company that builds brands and a better world. For over a decade, she has helped emerging and established purpose-driven businesses and organizations excel in messaging, brand presence, social media, marketing communications and more.
As a certified Marketing, Business and Life Coach, she works one-on-one and in groups with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and small and large companies to make profound change in the world.
Carolyn is also the founder of Women Of Green, an robust online community and multi-media blog dedicated to “Turning Up the Volume” of the feminine voice in green. And most recently, she hosted and co-produced the global online summit “Women As Game Changers” featuring 27 powerful women who are changing the game on the planet for good.
In her home town of Santa Fe, she has a strong local presence as an environmental leader and advocate — and has been the past President for 3 years and Board member of their Santa Fe Green Chamber.
Her most important role however is being mom to her two children and pups, Heart and Soul. She loves to play hooky in the winter months to snow ski in the magical mountains of Santa Fe.
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