Becoming the CEO of Your Own Finances: Women As Game Changers Summit Interview with Sue Thompson

Due to technical difficulties and backed by popular demand, we have re-recorded Sue Thompson’s interview on “Becoming the CEO of Your Own Finances”. Here she shares even more wisdom on how to have your money work for you, instead of you working for it. It all starts with knowing where you are now and where you want to go. Enjoy!


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Becoming the CEO of Your Own Finances

As a virtual CFO, Sue works with clients around the world, building relationships via video communication and utilizing the internet. Sue’s clients are impact entrepreneurs who share similar cycles of emotions that stem from past events and current narratives around financial management.  For some its beliefs of inadequacy around a lack of needed knowledge, inability to bring a business or organization to another level, etc. and she supports them in moving past these stories while focusing on the end goal and generating funding streams.

Interview Gems:

  • Game changers are people who have a huge heart with a big vision and values they want to transform into projects but need a vehicle to do so.
  • Money can be a tool that can work for you once the emotion is pulled out and when we learn to manage money well, we can feel empowered.
  • Some pitfalls for strong valued women seeking to actualize their vision are finding the capital to transform the vision into reality and learning how to manage money once begins to flow.
  • When making financial decisions, we are reasoning with ourselves through filters and perspectives around money that may not be aligned with the best practices of financial management, having the potential to sabotage project goals.
  • “Learning how to become the CEO of your own finances, depending on the numbers, will mean that you may become someone who is an investor,” and this requires having a solid foundation, knowing how you’re investing your time, energy and money.


Sue’s Free Gift For You!  

10 Tips for Business Forecasting  – Apply these tips, one at a time, and begin seeing your efforts pay off (literally)!

About Sue

Partnering with her clients, Sue Thompson empowers people to master money so that they can truly build the kind of business they desire and at the same time live the life they deserve. As a Virtual CFO, she and her team work with you to provide structure, training and consulting.  Sue believes that money is a tool and it should work for you instead of you working for it.

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