Re-think Sustainability: Women as Game Changers Interview with Virginie Helias


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Can you integrate sustainability into Big Brands? Virginie Helias, the Global Sustainability Director of Proctor & Gamble, believes you can. Inspired by breaking into a new frontier in her work and trying something that hadn’t been done before, she gained the insight that integrating sustainability into a business could benefit the Big Business and the planet at the same time. In this interview, she shares the lessons she learned in her many years of experience making sustainability a priority within P&G and shares approaches that have best worked for her.

Sustainability Takes Passion, Science and a Re-thinking

As the Global Sustainability Director, Virginie is the bridge within the sustainability initiative at P&G, connecting the science of sustainability, the technical scientists in such concentrations as toxicology, to the business of it. With the overarching goal of embedding sustainability into P&G globally, she guides the efforts of sustainability into all aspects of the company such as marketing, innovation and culture.  Virginie has found that the most important part of embedding sustainability into anything is talking to people first about what sustainability is, breaking down preconceived notions and making clear that it can benefit business. This is what she works on every day with the goal of reaching all who work in the company.

In the end, Virginie has found that by utilizing science, harnessing passion and rethinking how we view and talk about sustainability, we can begin making this idea and way of living accessible to more people in the world.

Interview Gems:

  • Find ways to integrate the focus of sustainability into your own job position.
  • When making a product more sustainable, start with where in the product’s cycle it has the most impact by looking at the science, and then finding how it fits within the brand campaign.
  • To get people on board with sustainability, show how they can individually have an impact and the urgency for it. Inspire them by showing examples and that it’s possible.
  • Touch the heart when educating coworkers, consumers etc. about a new initiative.


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About Virginie

Virginie Helias is the Global Sustainability Director of Procter & Gamble in Brand Management and Innovation. Working across all P&G business units and regions, her mission is to embed sustainability into the innovation, brand-building and everyday business practices at P&G. She is a catalyst for sustainable product and business model innovation, as well as culture change. With 28 years of experience, Virginie is one of the most senior marketing leaders at P&G with a broad experience across multiple categories and global to local brand management expertise.

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