Closing the Confidence Gap for Women: Women As Game Changers Summit Interview with Cristina Bernardo


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Have you ever wondered what it takes to gain the confidence in order to make a difference on a global scale? Today, Cristina Bernardo will share how she has uniquely combined her passions for international development and empowerment of women to create jobs internationally.   And she is here to share with you how she started making a difference not only locally, but internationally.  Cristina found a way to utilize her business skills and passion in finding solutions for people in need.

This is a must watch interview!

A Game-Changer in International Economic Development

As a daughter of Cuban immigrants, Cristina has been interested in Hispanic issues and immigration policy from a young age. In our interview with her, she shares the story of her start in business – selling her brother’s CDs at age 11 – to her dreams of providing opportunities today, as exemplified in her philanthropic work.

As the co-founder of the nonprofit, Open Dreams, she has built a learning center in Cameroon where students learn how to use a computer, writing techniques, applying for schools, and preparing for the SAT. Cristina’s positivity and determination are qualities that have created game-changing impact on women in leadership.

Her biggest tip for getting started? Don’t be afraid! “Follow your instincts,” Cristina says. “Surround yourself with motivating women who have more experience …and love yourself and take pride in your success.”

Interview Gems:

  • Closing the confidence gap – from a very young age, women are growing up with self-doubt and a lack of confidence that you very rarely see men have. One of the most important things that women can do in business is inspire others to believe in themselves. When one woman succeeds, we all do!
  • What it means to be the bedrock of society – lending to women in developing markets is extraordinarily beneficial to all facets of society
  • Some important qualities to keep in mind when going into business – dedication, determination, and commitment to ideas for which you have passion
  • The value of following through and developing your confidence


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From East Africa to California: Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship, an essay by Cristina, along with a discount trip for Emzingo’s Women’s Trek to Peru.

About Cristina Bernardo

Cristina Bernardo is on the front line of training the next generation of responsible leaders with Emzingo, a leadership development and social impact B-Corps. In addition, Christina is  a new Obama Appointee, serving as the Senior Adviser for the Rural Business-Cooperative Service at USDA Rural Development. And in her spare time, Cristina has also founded her own nonprofit, Open Dreams, to help young girls in African nations gain access to higher education and membership.

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