The Mind-altering Joanna Hartcourt-Smith. A Women As Game Changers Summit Interview


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Joanna Hartcourt-Smith is mind-altering. During the 70s, she fell in love and married Dr. Timothy Leary, the American psychologist and philosopher that advocated the exploration of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs under controlled conditions. While Timothy Leary was in jail, Joanne helped him write, publish and distribute six books. Their love affair and message together was a game changer in its time.

In this interview, Joanna Hartcourt-Smitt brings to light how living in love and caring deeply about the relationships we have with others, carries us towards an intimacy with the planet. This is what she believes brings equality, balance and sustainability. Take some time and sit with Joanna as she inspires you to love yourself and the world in a new, profound way.

The Mind-altering Joanna Hartcourt-Smith

Joanna Hartcourt-Smith grew up in a European, aristocratic family feeling deeply the need to seek out a tribe that she felt connected to on a grander level. In her time with Timothy Leary, she learned much about the choice we have in how we live our lives and in letting go of the patterns we hold on to that don’t serve us. This experience is what she calls “ego-death” and a birthing of a life full of love. Joanna talks about her transformation from relating to others by enacting power over them to relating through love and kindness.

Interview Gems:

  • Game changing is not about power over people, it’s about relationship and deeply listening to others and understanding who they are.
  • Respect and love your own pain. It will help you evolve into your authentic self.
  • Listen and care deeply about the people you are in relationship with.
  • It takes ten years to get good at something so put the time into building yourself and that “something” you want to bring to the world.


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About Joanna

Joanna Hartcourt-Smith is the creator of the online podcast Future Primitive and author of the memoir “Tripping the Bardo with Timothy Leary”.  Joanna is featured in Gay Dillingham’s movie “Dying to Know” , a documentary about Leary and Ram Dass’ lifelong exploration and friendship.

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