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Can you turn your tragedy into triumph? Well Liz Cunningham did just that. During this interview, Liz tells an engaging story about her journey from peril to hope, to save the seas. Despite the damage done to the world’s oceans, Liz finds plenty of people along the way who are fighting back. Liz joins them, and, with this interview invites us to join the fight as well.

Have the Passion and Be the Change                                               

Liz Cunningham nearly lost her life after being swallowed by a rogue wave in a kayaking accident. After the accident, she was temporarily paralyzed and left with a sense of despair and alienation from the waters that used to give her solace and healing. This accident caused her to reassess her work and she vowed to reconnect with the ocean and recover hope – hope for her and for the earth’s ailing waters. Liz now realizes that her greatest passion was to help others connect with nature and inspire them to participate in forging a sustainable future.

In Ocean Country, Liz shares her 2 year global journey to discover how communities and individuals are fighting to save the marine world and how they are creating hope through action in tough times.

Liz’s main strategy to finding hope was not “…actually finding “hope”, but finding people who show you what hope can be.” During this interview, Liz tells us that people are realizing that the game is changing; business as usual is no more. All around the world people have an innate sense to rescue and to make sure that life thrives and that is starting to be seen in sustainable practices.

Liz and her book, Ocean Country, call us to action. “Focus on what you care about. Go out and get something done.” Liz leads us to find true hope in the midst of great crises.

Interview Gems

  • You can find people with hope anywhere.
  • The biggest game changer is “the passion for rescue.”
  • Be cautious when you tell yourself something is impossible. Look again.
  • “Look inside yourself, to what you feel most deeply passionate about and connect with the people that can help you.”


Liz’s Free Gift for You upon Registering for the Summit!

Liz gifts us a chapter in her book, Ocean Country, titled “The Truths of the Islands.” Liz shares with the reader about her visit to the Turks and Caicos Island. During this chapter, you find out the exact moment when Liz’s journey became a search for hope and the importance of community building.

About Liz

Liz Cunningham has been in the editing and writing business for over fifteen years. She covered presidential politics, as well as focused on radio commentary. She authored her first book in 1995, Talking Politics: Choosing the President in the Television Age, a series of oral-history interviews with top television journalists and just last fall she released her book, Ocean Country: One Woman’s Journey from Peril to Hope in Her Quest to Save the Seas, examining the state of the oceans in four key regions of the world.

Liz’s writing has been published in many newspapers, magazines and journals such as Alternet.org, Earth Island Journal, The East Bay Express, GreenBiz, and The San Francisco Chronicle. Her drawings have been exhibited at a variety of venues including the Berkeley Art Center, the COA Ethel Blum Gallery, Fort Mason Center and the Oakland Museum.

Liz is active in the education field as the co-founder, with her husband Charlie Costello, of KurtHahn.org, the web archive for the founder of Outward Bound, the largest and most successful experience-based outdoor leadership organization in the world. Outward bound, along with Liz and her husband, challenges and inspires emerging leaders in divided societies to work together to build peace.

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