Want to be a successful game-changer? Then let go: Women As Game Changers Summit Interview with Tommi Wolfe


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Want to be a successful game-changer? Then let go. That’s business coach, Tommi Wolfe’s big message in this interview. “Every single time you have a breakthrough, you will let go of something and you will sharpen your focus on something else,” she says. So what do you need to let go of, game-changer?

Want to Be a Successful game-changer? Then Let Go.

Tommi Wolfe is a start-up expert and business coach for other business coaches.  With many years in the business world, she shares insights for how to face risk carefully, create sustained forward momentum in growing a business and how to successfully move passed hardship.  In the process of developing her own business, Tommi was faced with the challenge of breaking through a perceived barrier and becoming the CEO of her business while letting go of doing the coaching work she had done for many years. What she has found out? The letting go comes first.

In her own life, Tommi sees great value in living courageously and accomplishing her dreams, in hopes of reaching the end of her life with no regrets. She brings this tenacity and presence to the work she does daily, inspiring others to live courageous, impactful lives as well.

Interview Gems:

  • Entrepreneurs and game changers dig deep, look for constant improvement and growth and have their passion engines dialed up to “high”.
  • There will always be challenges and hardships along the path, and at times, severe growing pains. To ease through the transitions, connect back to one’s desire for working towards the greater good.
  • Letting go of attachments to a way of doing something or one thing, allows you to rise up and make space for needed change and grow further as a business.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others by finding and connecting to mentors and coaches instead of working in isolation.


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About Tommi

Tommi Wolfe is the founder of Top 6 Business Coach and known as the Business Coach’s Business Coach.  She partners with promising business coaches to fast track their coaching practice within 5 years in a year or less. Her business coaching rock stars enjoy mature, lucrative coaching businesses, abundant earnings for the coaches and most importantly, have time for a passionate and well-lived life. 

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