Bringing Awareness, Making the Change: Women as Game Changers Summit Interview with Diana Mao


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If you witnessed the horrors of sex-trafficking first hand, would you devote your life to stopping it? Well, that’s exactly what Diana Mao did. She talks about the qualities and characteristics that brought her success and will bring success for women across the globe. Diana takes us on a journey, where she tells us the path that brought her to this place and her strategy to end modern slavery. This is a must watch interview!

Raising Awareness, Breaking the Cycle:

Diana is the co-founder of Nomi Network, a non-profit organization that creates economic opportunities for at-risk women and survivors of human trafficking. Nomi Network’s mission is to equip victims and survivors with leadership, entrepreneurship, and production skills to become financially independent. Diana knows how influential and important women are and how much they bring to the table, so she encourages all to have a vison and hold on to it. At Nomi, they have seen that by helping and building up one woman, they are in turn helping her family as well as her community. “Continue to be someone who mobilizes others to take action.”

Diana knows from experience that “fear keeps us”, and she advises women that are yearning to make a difference, “…don’t let it…go with your love and your passion.”

In this Women as Game Changers interview, Diana defines a “game changer” and hopes to ignite the game changer in you.

Interview Gems:

  • The importance of networking: To mentor and to be a mentor.
  • The importance of being focused and fearless in both a life and a business setting.
  • Women need to take advantage of economic opportunity and be support systems for each other.
  • Do not think about the challenges and road blocks, but the stories, the love and compassion that brought you here.


Diana’s Free Gift for You Upon Joining the Summit:

Diana is giving you the “In our lifetime” video from the Nomi Network. She hopes this video will educate and inform viewers about slavery and human trafficking and what they can do to help end it in our lifetime. She will also provide you a discount code to be used on the Nomi Network. 

About Diana:

It was a chance encounter in Cambodia that led Diana to ultimately found Nomi Network. However, her entire life and upbringing, had prepared her to establish and lead such a venture. She has expertise in governmental consulting, domestic and international economic development, social entrepreneurship, micro-finance, and launching awareness raising campaigns. Diana serves on the Advisory Board of Malaysian Schools and was also the 2015 Presidential Leadership Scholar.

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