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Can Business Be a Force For Good? Women As Game Changers Interview with Kim Graham-Nye of gDiapers | Women of Green

Can Business Be a Force For Good? Women As Game Changers Interview with Kim Graham-Nye of gDiapers


This interview will be available for you to watch for a full 48 hours.

Can business be a force for good? Instead of destroying our planet and its resources, can it actually heal it? Oh yeah! That’s what Kim Graham-Nye believes too. So over breakfast one day when she and her husband found out that 50 million disposable diapers end up in landfills every day, they did something about it.  In a Big Way.

In this interview, Kim shares how she helped found gDiapers, a disposable diaper company with cradle-to-cradle diaper “inserts” that after use can be planted. Yes, planted and returned back to the earth. Now that’s a game changer.

Business As a Force For Good

Kim is a conscious, heart-centered powerhouse. She believes that her work is a journey of constant improvement, and that collective cooperation is the best tool for any business’s success. In order to find a lifestyle and work style that prevented burnout, she had to shift her perspective on what self-sustainability meant to her and how to make it a reality. In the end, she found the immense importance of building a sustainable life in order to truly have a sustainable business.

Interview Gems:

  • Game changers are people who don’t accept the status quo.
  • When an issue or problem has an impact on you that is unforgettable, activate the game changer in you and collaborate with others to find a solution.
  • Find a tribe to support you in times when you are stepping into new territory.
  • Meditate and focus on breathe to re-center yourself so you are better able to handle the complexities of the workplace and home life.
  • Integrating practices and activities into your life that fill and nourish your soul is vital for your success in all aspects of life.


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About Kim

Kim Graham-Nye, named one of Fortunes 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs in 2011, is the co-founder of gDiapers with her husband Jason. Their passion to disrupt the global diaper market is matched by their passion to do business differently  From onsite childcare to bCorp certification, their aim is to use business as a force for good. 

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