Greening Up the Woolworth Legacy: Women As Game Changers Summit Interview with Priscilla Woolworth


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About Priscilla

Priscilla Woolworth, named “New Green Pioneer” by Time magazine, is the founder and CEO of, an online ecocentric General Store and quarterly Almanac newsletter, where she encourages a lifestyle of environmental awareness and sustainability, with the goal to inspire systemic change and create a better world. Priscilla Woolworth is the author of LOLA (Lots of Love Always), a book aimed at young women about how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for them and the planet.

Greening Up the Woolworth Legacy

“You can shape the world by what you buy” is the motto for Priscilla Woolworth’s ecocentric general store and in her quarterly Almanac, she educates readers about the products she sells, organizations doing positive work in the world, ways to shift one’s way of life towards less of an impact and what she has tried.

Priscilla comes from a family that shaped what the modern retail model is today by founding the Woolworths stores and pioneering the Five-and-Dime Store. Believing it was time for a shift, she was inspired by what her family had started and wanted to create her own store that sells environmentally friendly everyday products. Through research and going to tradeshows, she became familiar with what products were out there and wanted to make available to consumers, alternatives.  She has embraced her family name, Woolworth, and has transformed her impact for good.

Interview Gems:

  • Women shape the world by what they buy. Since corporations track purchases, women (and men) can use their dollar to influence what products are on the market, and by choosing health and eco conscious products, will create a greater supply of them.
  • Women, specifically who are mothers, are motivated to create a better world for their children and this commitment is powerful and strong, making them game changers in their own right.
  • We become conscious, empowered consumers when we know more about a product; where it’s made and its impact on the world.
  • “It is important to reinvent yourself before the kids leave the house” so you are grounded in your life’s work and happy while moving into a new stage of life.


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