50 Small but big ways to have a healthier new year

50 Small but Big Ways to have a Healthier New Year

New Year’s health resolutions don’t need to be overwhelming, here are 50 small steps towards a healthier 2016.

  1. Choose to be happy, rather than right.
  2. Don’t talk about your body like it is a war zone. Your words create your reality.
  3. Make peace with food.
  4. Live for questions, not answers.
  5. Try using a wakeup light instead of an alarm clock.
  6. Add grassfed collagen to your soups, smoothies and sauces.
  7. Incorporate the practice of Ayurvedic Tongue Scraping for oral health.
  8. Switch packaged protein bars for a healthier homemade option.
  9. Learn to make kale delicious.
  10. Ditch the melatonin habit.
  11. Do a facial lymph massage. It provides gentle drainage to help relieve sinus pressure and fluid build-up.
  12. Have a desk job? Switch to a standing desk.
  13.  Do a mouse-arm stretch to relieve tension if you use a computer all day.
  14. Eat a raw carrot daily for better hormones.
  15.  Feeling stressed? Bust out  4-7-8 breathing.
  16. Dry brush your body before showering for softer skin and detoxification.
  17. Eat more ghee.
  18. Detox your bedroom.
  19. Roll the bottom of your feet over a golf ball. It is a powerful massage and activates numerous reflexology points.
  20. Switch to non-toxic makeup.
  21. Do the twist… any yoga twist! Any twist position (siting or standing twists) give a massage to the internal organs and encourage elimination and detox.
  22.  Do the Legs Up The Wall pose to encourage lymph flow and detox.
  23. Take a TV fast.
  24.  Take a detox bath.
  25. Use a special protective pad under your laptop to block the harmful electromagnetic radiation
  26. Commit to a gossip fast.
  27. Accept compliments with a genuine thank you instead of apologizing for, or diminishing, your abilities or appearance.
  28. Sugar cravings? Reach for these sugar-craving-busters instead of processed snacks.
  29. Screw a chlorine filter onto your shower head to reduce exposure to this common tap water toxin. Chlorine also strips the skin and hair, so you will feel the difference a filter makes.
  30. Filter your drinking water to remove fluoride.
  31.  Massage your ears. You have over 200 acupuncture points in your ears so you are sure to hit something good while massaging.
  32. If you work on a computer for a large part of the day, set a timer to go off every hour so you are reminded to get up, stretch, walk around or have a snack.
  33. Use magnesium oil on a regular basis.
  34.  If you are using an antiperspirant, switch to a natural deodorant. Antiperspirants contain toxic aluminum and impede sweat flow, but we need to sweat fully to release toxins.
  35. Move your bed away from the wall to reduce the intensity of harmful EMFs.
  36. Do two pages of stream-of-conciousness journaling daily. Write down whatever pops into your head – worries, wishes, to-do lists, etc.
  37. Read a challenging book. Finish it.
  38. Get a Squatty Potty or put a steps stool by your toilet.
  39.  Eat some liver, either as a part of your meals or by taking DIY Liver Pills. It is a powerful superfood packed with bioavailable nutrients. Use liver only from pastured/grassfed animals.
  40. Brush up on your GMO grocery shopping awareness.
  41. Try a new tea. Rooibos, nettle tea, dandelion root tea, matcha… be adventurous!
  42. Ditch the conventional hand sanitizer, since it contains hormone-disrupting triclosan.
  43. Trade out your tampons for a menstrual cup. It sounds medieval and frightening, but it may change your life.
  44.  If you buy conventional spices, they are likely irradiated. Switch them out for organic spices, which are not irradiated.
  45. Do you have a bottle of agave in your pantry? Throw it out!
  46. Put a meditation app on your phone and commit to 15 minutes of meditation daily. I like Bhuddify.
  47. Always be as tender towards others as possible.
  48. Prepare bone marrow for a nutrient-boost.
  49. Sit down to a real breakfast each day.
  50. Each day, take these 6 small steps to love your body.

Source: EmpoweredSustenance


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