13 Inspiring Green Women of Instagram

If you think Instagram is merely frivolous selfies and food porn, you’d only be mostly correct. The rest, however, offers some good news for the picture-based mobile app: It’s also a hotbed for powerful green women bringing about change through something as simple as a photograph. Well, lots of gorgeous photographs, actually.
We live in a visual world, and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps more so today than at any other time in history.  These green women of Instagram will not only inspire you with gorgeous pictures, but with hope for a richer, kinder, and more sustainable world.

13-instagram-alice-water 13-instagram-charlize-africa 13-instagram-rena-effendi 13-instagram-stella-mccartney

Chef Alice Waters is renowned for her commitment to local and delicious food along with her learning gardens school programs. And she’s on Instagram! Food porn, garnde porn, inspiration and more! @alicelouisewaters

Academy award winner Charlize Theron is an advocate for international health issues as well as sustainability through the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. @charlizeafrica

National Geographic photographer Rena Effendi says she’s infiltrating Instagram with “profoundly uncute pictures”—but don’t mistake that for uninspired. She delivers candid images of the world. @renaeffendiphoto

There’s nothing more eco than vegan food and there’s no one more valued in the vegan food world than Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She shares her favorite meals and great images from her travels. And of course, cats. @isachandra

13-instagram-rosario-dawson 13-instagram-osheglows 13-instagram-kirsten-alana 13-instagram-drew-barrymore

Stella McCartney is a committed animal rights activist and eco-friendly designer. Not only will her fashion sense inspire you, but so will her travel pics.@stellamccartney

Rosario Dawson is a new mom, a multi-talented star, and a green entrepreneur–she founded Studio 189 a brand that uses fashion to implement social change and eco-friendly practices. @rosariodawson

Drew Barrymore has a lot going on for women, the film industry, the planet, and her family—and it’s a lot to keep up with! Fortunately, she’s on Instagram where all worlds seem to collide for the natural beauty. @drewbarrymore

Oh She Glows has turned plant-based eating into the hottest diet and lifestyle trend. Angela Liddon’s gorgeous foodie creations will keep you inspired and ready to cook real food for yourself and your family. @ohsheglows

13-instagram-dirtbagdarlin 13-instagram-yoga_girl 13-instagram-ralfafara 13-instagram-micheleobama

Kirsten Alana photographs for major fashion and lifestyle magazines, and her Instagram followers are all the better because of it. She captures stunning images of the planet that erase the lines between nations and beliefs. @kirstenalana

Johnie Gall travels in a van, climbs pristine mountains and surfs wherever she can. Living a simple and incredibly good life, she’ll inspire you to get outside and breath in the fresh clean air, and maybe take some action to preserve it. @dirtbagdarling

Making the world a better place starts within as Rachel Brathen, aka yoga_girl’s followers know. She’ll inspire you with gorgeous images and a little bit of wisdom, too. @yoga_girl

Instagrammer Becca Alfafara is a park ranger, which is awesome enough, preserving these sacred national treasures. But she posts all kinds of gorgeous images from the parks she patrols, including Glacier National Park in Montana. @ralfafara

13-instagram-jill-ettingerMichelle Obama may be the outgoing First Lady of the White House, but she’s forever the First Lady of living a green lifestyle. A commitment to healthy, clean food, family, and empowering women, she’s simply the tops! @michelleobama

By Jill Ettinger. Follow Jill on Instagram @jill_ettinger

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