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Questions To Help Create Progress In Your Life

I’ve been reflecting on some of the key elements necessary for moving your life forward. Here is my start on a list.  Take a look and see where you land.  Then make a decision to put concentrated effort into making changes in your identified area.

1) Do you notice what you notice? Where do you put your attention? Do you guide your thoughts or do they seem to guide you?

2) What are your patterns? Consider patterns you would identify as supporting your dreams and endeavors and the patterns interrupting or disrupting the pursuit of your dreams and goals.

3) What is the nature of your thoughts? Are your thoughts mostly negative and pessimistic or are they positive and optimistic?

4) How do you think your thoughts? Paying attention to what you think is only half the equation. Do you engage in “faulty thinking” (examples: one thing equals all things, or you minimize good things and exaggerate unpleasant things)?

5) Do you have good emotional regulation? Are you responsive (pause and then respond) and not reactive (quick tempered, explosive, harsh) especially as you face challenging life situations?

6) Do you have a dream or dreams of what you want to achieve?

7) Are you engaged in daily actions to move your dream forward? What daily action could you engage in?


These are just a few elements to consider as you chart your path to personal and financial success.

How are you handling each of these areas of your life?


Source: Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Joan I. Rosenberg, PhD, creator of Emotional Mastery™ and Emotional Mastery Training™, is a highly regarded expert psychologist, master clinician, trainer and consultant. As a cutting edge psychologist who is known as an innovative thinker, trainer and speaker, Joan has shared her life-changing ideas and models for emotional mastery, change and personal growth in professional and educational seminars, psychotherapy sessions, and graduate psychology teaching. Joan’s distinction: guiding individuals to achieve their highest potential by helping them create, master and sustain desired changes.


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