Don’t we know GMO?!

Earlier this week, Proposition 37 asked voting Californians to approve new legislation that would require food and beverage manufacturers to notify consumers about the use of genetically modified organisms on the product label.

While the proposition did not pass, it was close, with 46% for the initiative and 54% against. Why didn’t it win? While the issue is complex and polarizing, there are a few attitudes and beliefs discovered in NMI’s most recent Organic Study that shed light on the subject.

Here are a few of those beliefs that may have affected the outcome:

Some consumers say, “I don’t understand it, so I don’t care”
Some consumers fear labeling GMOs would increase the cost of food
Some consumers believe GMOs are necessary to feed the world population

The true measure of Proposition 37’s impact is sure to play out in the months and years to follow. The fact that it was so close shows a growing majority that are aware of agricultural and food production issues. We want simplicity, not chemically or genetically altered foods. This desire for simplicity and purity is strong and while labeling of GMOs was defeated in this vote, more people have been made aware of the issue and more marketers may take advantage of that with Non-GMO verified labeling.

Where do you stand? What are you going to do about it?

Source: NMI

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