Turning a Small Company into Something Big

It’s funny how starting with a simple idea to make little things can grow to where it bumps up against big things.

When I see something like the recent controversy over the US Olympic team uniforms made overseas, I compare it to my experience with my company, Teres Kids. I started my company to make the world’s most comfortable children’s clothing.

The clearest path to super comfortable clothes led to organic cotton, then to made in America, then to superior quality, incredible durability, and – Presto! – outstanding consumer value.

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Have honeybees discovered the Fountain of Youth?

It seems that the lowly little honeybee has beat us to it and found the Fountain of Youth. New research at Arizona State University (ASU) has revealed that older honey bees can reverse age-related damage to their brains by resuming caretaking responsibilities usually tasked by younger bees. The study was published in the science journal Experimental Gerontology, and conducted by an international team from ASU and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.
In order to discover this amazing result, the team of scientists first had to trick the older bees—who spend most of their time out of the nest foraging—into returning home and doing social tasks. They found that just this simple change in daily routine led to a big difference in the molecular structure of the bees’ brains.

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