How long does it take to decompose? It’s frightening

Look at this the next time you throw something “away”.  Where is away anyway?

  1. This list speaks out! Doesn’t it depend on the circumstances, though? In a landfill, food can stay intact for decades, as do newspapers used for dating the layers (I got this tidbit from “Rubbish!: the archaeology of garbage” by Rathje and Murphy). On the other hand, the worms in my worm bin do away with an apple core within a week. I’ve never tried feeding them wool socks….
    But I get the point – the list does speak. Perhaps we want to look at this before buying something?

  2. Where do these numbers come from? Who determined all this?

    A plastic bag lasts twice as long as an aluminum can? And 12 times as long as a plastic container? Not in my part of the world!

  3. Hey Caveman, tell us what’s happening with plastic in your part of the world. We’re all ears!

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