USDA: Don’t put corporate interests over bee lives

Researchers at Beelogics, a leading bee research firm, identified pesticides as a leading contributor to declining bee populations. In late September of 2011, Monsanto, a major producer of genetically modified foods, bought the Beelogics firm for an undisclosed sum. It now seems likely that Monsanto’s funding will manipulate research to point the blame away from chemicals used in GMO food production.

The bee decline affects all U.S. citizens. Bees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of U.S. crops and are essential to sustaining our ecological lifespan. It is vital that researchers can identify the true cause of the decline so that responsible citizens can learn how to help the bee population.

If the USDA uses Monsanto-funded research from Beelogics, it will essentially be sacrificing scientific integrity for corporate interests. Please support the truth of scientific research and tell the USDA not to use research funded by Monsanto.

Take action today. Together we can stop the USDA from utilizing research funded by Monsanto.

From Care2 petition site


  1. Pesticides which are harmful to bees are not a workable solution for the environment. Please be responsible firstly towards our land and secondly towards money matters. They will both line up for your best interest in the end through Providence, if you will trust matters to God.

  2. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and Monsanto is out to destroy them in the name of the almighty dollar! Some things are more important than money – like our planet and our future!

  3. Stop. Don’t put corporate welfare above the welfare of our earth.

  4. Steward or ignorant?

  5. Without bees we are all dead. Do not let a corporation like Monsanto decide the fate of a species and the world. WE NEED BEES. Do not use Monsanto-funded research – it will be as tainted as that corporation and its money is.

  6. Please do not use Monsanto-funded research from Beelogics and support the truth of scientific research. Tell the USDA not to use research funded by Monsanot. We need bees!

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