The Jewels of Jes: Spreading compassion through jewelry

jewelry-by-jesI truly believe the reason my work has been so successful is because it’s infused with my passion for life – passion born from a place of deep compassion, for all creatures and our beautiful Mother Earth. My collectors can feel this and have expressed how deeply inspired they are by the love built into every design and how good it feels to wear jewelry and support a company that celebrates life, by honoring ethical practice and raising awareness.

My interest in the environment developed from a childhood spent mostly outdoors. Countless hours riding my horse bareback deep into the wooded hills near my home – never failed to return me to my souls essence. Nature was my altar as much then, as it is today. It’s the place where I can hear and feel my heart’s wisdom; not only does it inspire my creativity, but anchors it. My relationship with animals is no different. They are so pure, present and without judgment – I always feel relaxed in their company, like I can really be myself and love without constraint.

When you love something unconditionally, it is natural to want to do anything in your power to protect it. My real work as an artist is to spread compassion and bring awareness to the suffering innocent, and the abusive practices that are detrimentally impacting our Earth. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I feel a responsibility to affect positive change in my immediate environment – and on a global level. Implementing ethical practice in business requires a lot of research, attention to detail, and in many cases extra expense – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to stand behind (and in front of) a company that brings more beauty into the world, while helping eliminate what is not so beautiful. My dedication to this level of integrity has also created amazing opportunities to collaborate with bigger companies making a powerful impact socially and environmentally.

1266510_10151650435941200_853548163_oBesides my commitment to using Conflict-Free diamonds, reclaimed metal, leather and organic and recycled materials, I am also passionate about supporting causes that reflect my beliefs. A lifetime animal advocate, I serve as the president in the past and present of the Wild Horses in Need Foundation and regularly donate and have teamed up with many reputable causes including Heal the Ocean, Earthwatch, Global Fund for Women, Save Japan Dolphins, Sea Shepherd, Canine Adoption and Rescue League (CARL), Peta, Surfrider, College Track, California Wildlife Center, Humble Hearts, Gentle Barn, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, Cookies for Kids Cancer, Share the Beat and most recently Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC).

My hope is that the creativity and love that pour through my designs will help awaken the creativity in us all to make a better world for ourselves, all of life’s creatures and future generations.

Jes MaHarry has been weaving beauty through the art of jewelry design for more than 20 years. Breathing new life into rare and ancient stones, sculpting precious metals into powerful talismans symbolic of nature and love, and infusing everything she creates with messages of hope and peace. Her love of nature manifests not only in her designs, but her ethical, earth-friendly business.

On the cutting edge of her industry, Jes was one of the first artists to bring mixed media to the forefront. Her eclectic style appeals to those who favor beautifully handcrafted artisan jewelry. Her work can be found in exclusive boutiques and galleries across the country, as well as in Robert Redford’s famous Sundance catalog.



Photo: Guy Webster, courtesy of Jes MaHarry.




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