Toxic Release Into Atmosphere is Up

screaming_childFrom our friends at Growstone.

Unfortunately, many things have declined in our economy in the last few years. But one thing that hasn’t is the amount of toxins released into our precious and fragile atmosphere, especially in the last few years.

According to the EPA, an astounding 3.93 billion pounds were released into our atmosphere in 2010. It almost takes your breath away thinking about the potential damage and harm those toxins do to our planet and every living thing upon it.

These toxins enter our oceans, rivers and streams multiplying their damage. They enter our food chain so we not only get to breath them, but eat them.

Their effects will be perhaps unknown for many years but at the very least they will harm in some manner everything they touch.

Here at Growstone, we see things differently. We see that conscious creation of products can achieve impressive results while treating our environment with care and respect. We call on every person and every producer in America and around the globe to reassess and rethink the way they do things so that in the years to come, the reduction in toxin release will be even more impressive than current increases.

Then, we’ll all not just breathe better, but eat and live better and ensure the future for all the future generations to come. How are you breathing easier?




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