Raising consciousness through clothing: An interview with Eileen Fisher’s Director of Social Consciousness


amy-hallEileen Fisher’s personal core values are about helping women and girls find their voice and their personal path in life so that they can achieve what they were meant to achieve. She happens to do this this through designing and manufacturing clothing for women that are meant to unfold their inner and outer beauty. To me, this is the true purpose of business — to raise consciousness through capitalism. Imagine what the world would be if all the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies did that same?

In this podcast, I interview Eileen Fisher’s Director of Social Consciousness (yes, social consciousness), Amy Hall. She has worked at the company for over 17 years helping Eileen and all the staff support the company’s efforts to practice business responsibly. That includes activating the leader within for women and girls. “It starts with finding your voice — and where we are with it now is what we call activating leadership. Activating that internal voice, that internal ability that everyone has to take charge, to take control of the situation, to be a leader in her own right. It doesn’t mean they have to go off and run for public office. It means leading a household, leading a community, leading a cause, leading a belief,” says Amy Hall.

We call that at Women Of Green “Being the Change”. How are you doing that in your world?

A Big Thank You…

To LOHAS Forum for inviting Women Of Green to this year’s conference. This interview was recorded in Boulder, CO at the forum and is third in a series of sensational women who are being the change we need in the world right now.

Be the Change

We have just launched a new column on called “Be the Change”. And it features you! How are you being the change we need in the world? No act is too small. No movement is too minor. Show us!  Inspire Us! Let us know!

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