For Leah, creativity is the cure.

As my knowledge and passion grows, I see that we, as Americans and world citizens, have a lot of work to do. To combat frustration and despair that grip many of us after we see movies like Food Inc., I have developed a platform for change. Human creativity remains to be one of the last resources that has not been commodified for profit. There are vast untapped stories, images, fears, dreams and damaged lives out there that are waiting to be expressed.

Our Facebook Page, World Food Day KC 2011 Flash Mob has many functions, but at the top of the list is: A place where we can express in different ways our concern, hope and fears around the topic of the future of food. These expressions, in turn, are then made into posters and fliers that are free for world citizens to download in order to make their own parties, potlucks, protests, flash mobs or advertisements. We encourage people who feel that they don’t have a voice to contribute, as their healing becomes our healing. The system in the U.S. and around the world is truly in a crisis of proportions that we are barely conscious of.

As you start to feel yourself break down when you are confronted with the reality of CAFO’s, GM-seed + pesticide devastation (Punjab is being exterminated by pesticides and chemicals) and other such horrors of our pathological food system, I call on the conscience of all world citizens to document these reactions via art. We are in need of a solution and human creativity still remains to be one of the remaining resources that have not been slaughtered, poisoned, commodified, fed needless antibiotics or kept inside a metal pin, waist high in our feces. For those of us without funds, and considering the unemployment rate in the US, there are plenty of people who have spare time. Put aside your job search for say 15 minutes, and focus on this issue. Let the truth emerge. We need to hear your voice. If we do not allow ourselves to freely express ourselves in a creative way, then the game is over. We have all succumbed to the systematic repression and fear that we read in books as teenagers, that we thought was never possible in a country like the United States of America.

I care about all people. I care to know what our country is currently doing to the people of India and all other countries in the world. I want to reverse the damage that my country has done. First, and foremost, things have to change here. We have to stop feeling the despair and hopelessness that pervades our minds. Once you take a few positive actions, you will notice that others feel more confident in doing the same. Look deeply inside and listen to yourself.

A good example of my point is my experience last night while I watched Food Inc. The whistleblower chicken farmer, Carole Morison’s heartbreaking story made me completely break down in tears. The part that disturbed me the most: The chickens are fed so much and gain so much weight so fast that their legs are not developed enough to support their own weight. I can barely even type this, my hands are getting weak. It just got worse from there, I was feeling the pain of the pigs. I cringed and gripped my face as the cow was scooped up with a machine. And the control center that a bunch of men that were sitting in, air-conditioned and systematic, as they fine-tuned the killing machines from their comfortable perches almost made me vomit. This is the ultimate tragedy. I am not willing to be a part of such a pathological system. This is not the world I signed up for. This is not the world, this is a made-up horror world that has embraced the Mechanized Ideation Illness and made it seem normal.

You see what knowing the truth does? It cripples you with fear and pain. I had almost forgotten the positive part of my message but here it is: I challenge each person to tap into this vast field of pain and come up with one tiny solution. My outlet has always been sending things through the mail, so I am wanting to send a giant postcard to that one whistle-blowing farmer who showed us, the people, what is actually happening. She deserves my support because I heard that her chicken houses were burned to the ground after the movie came out. The people who have compassion, who feel pain, who are unwilling to go along with our current pathological system deserve to be crowned. They are the true celebrities. So, our work is cut out for us. Join us to see how this experiment works out. I call this Creative Consciousness Actions and you can see it all come to life on our Facebook page. Instead of playing Farmville, why not play our game called LET’S SEE IF WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

Leah Stella Stephens graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in East Asian Studies. She is graphic designer, model, editor, videographer, graphic artist and freelance photographer. Her passion is field photography and video — exploring unspoiled wilderness, discovering unusual people and subjects and entering the eye of the storm to document what nature has created. Her current focus is educating the public about genetically-engineered foods and inspiring people to engage in what she has termed “Creative Consciousness Actions” in order to support the organic farming movement worldwide. Despite her travels, the greatest natural creation she has witnessed to date is her delightful daughter Alexandria.

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