Making green meaningful to women – Show 49


OK, we know that American women buy 85% of the products on the planet, and we know we’re the keepers of the home and hearth, so why in the world are we buying so many products laden with toxic chemicals? Why are we voluntarily bringing them into our homes? This is a big disconnect for me. So I asked my guest, Margaret McAllister, an advertising creative director with a specialty in marketing green to women, this question.

“The most important thing we, as marketers, can do is to educate women about what they’re buying, why they’re buying it, and to relate those products to her specific life,” she said in this podcast. “If you really want to bring the message home to women, show them something that she specifically cares about. And there’s probably nothing more precious to her than her children.” I would agree. This self-professed cultural anthropologist shares with me more down-to-earth insights like this in this interview. If this topic intrigues you as much as it does me, listen in and, most importantly, join in the conversation. Love to get your take on this.

About my guest

Margaret McAllister is an award-winning advertising creative director and writer who, with the formation of Red Kite, has turned her talents toward helping companies with market development through innovative new research and strategies designed to inspire preferred consumer behavior and ignite growth. Over her 30-year career, she has become an expert in corporate branding as well as interactive and traditional advertising, having worked on accounts such as Hewlett Packard, American Legacy Foundation, Buena Vista Pictures/Disney, and MADD. The American Advertising Federation, American Marketing Association, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Public Relations Society of America, Telly Awards, and other organizations have recognized her achievements.

Margaret, along with her business partner Evelyn Olson Lamden, has spoken to national and regional audiences on gender marketing and marketing green to women. She has served on the American Advertising Federation’s Council of Governors. She is also creative consultant on a documentary film called “The Heart to Lead” which explores how women can use their unique leadership qualities to shift their own thinking and that of others to imagine a better world, and then go out and create it.

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