Mother and daughter birth a big vision

With the birth of my son fast approaching, I wanted to take a stand. I wanted to create a community where real people could come and learn about environmental hazards and the simple changes they could make for their families, the environment and their pocketbook. I enlisted the help of one of the most passionate people I know, my mom, and we set out to create change.

For us, it mattered that change was easy and simple. It mattered that change could come from a small action that anyone could do, regardless of time and money. We also were determined to take a stand against plastic bags. It’s easy to see why – toxic and foul litter in the four corners of the planet, killing marine life and choking our natural resources. It seemed the perfect fit. What if we could get every person in North America to stop using plastic bags?

So, was born from this passion. ConservingNow is our one-stop shop for changing habits and of course, lives. We structured it around what was needed to change convenience habits – community, and of course a little help from fantastic reminder products!

Since its launch, ConservingNow has blossomed into an incredible community of passionate people. We have learned from one another that saving the planet isn’t just for ourselves – it is for our future. To this end, we have three goals – 1) get everyone on board with bringing their own bags by creating a simple and free car window static cling reminder to help everyone remember to bring their bags into the store; 2) teach young people about the impact of plastic bags on the environment by providing highly interactive classroom kits that involve the entire family; and lastly, 3) provide a wealth of partner programs for corporations, community organizations and municipalities to help them achieve their environmental objectives.

But we are not done. Not even close. These first years have renewed our passion time and time again. Each day our inbox is filled with stories of passion and commitment from our community members across the country who are working hard to create change in this local communities. But that’s not the best part – the best part is tucking my son into bed at night knowing that his generation will be different. His generation will know that convenience items aren’t so and that our disposable habits were harming the planet.  His generation will be different. And though we can’t take all the credit for that change, we are delighted that we can say we played a part. A small and simple part – just like we remind our community members to do every day.

by Meghan Crowell, co-founder of ConservingNow.

  1. I have to say that I follow the site and they have great information, products, resources and overall it is a really cool site to visit. They give away free car window reminder clings which is really cool. They also have some great reminder products and a really informative blog relating to plastic bag waste initiatives. A+ and Thumbs Up for them!!! EnviroPro15 Guy

  2. Thankyou founding ladies of Conserving Now:) small and simple is great and you are a piece of the puzzle that shows us each a glimpse of a brighter greener future for our little ones and all ages of people and animals too! It is fun to share your bags and classroom kit with all the big and little people I meet and teach! Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Glad to see you included ConservingNow on your website! “Be the change” personifies their message. Huge fan. I bookmarked them right away when I stumbled onto their site. It’s all-encompassing and one of the few sites that take full advantage of its reader’s input. There is an entire population who believe, but are afraid to speak up because they don’t want to be stigmatized. Others who don’t believe ‘one person’ can make a difference. Why try? And then there are those who refuse to take responsibility and are too lazy to be bothered. ConservingNow does a great job firing everyone up with their enthusiasm, to join the ranks and spread the word. Kudos to them for letting everyone know we are all in this together.

  4. Just got forwarded this link by my sister. I love this company! They have great things to read, but my favorite is their products. The stickers are more of a help than you think they would be and the bags are the best. Nice variety of fabrics and designs.

  5. My grandmother just sent this to me and said she’s going to look for my comment. I’m one of those people who just don’t see myself preaching it out there. Sorry about that. Nope. Can’t do it. It’s a guy thing. What can I tell you? I think the stuff they write is pretty good, and I’ve learned a lot of things I didn’t know before, but I see myself as more of an example of what everyone should be doing. She sent me an entire package of their stuff and it’s pretty good. Not real keen on walking in the store with them, but you get used to it. Like a walking billboard. Anyway, thanks Grandma!

  6. So proud of you! Congratualtions! But it occurred to me as I was reading – what about all of us non-drivers who are CONSTANTLY walking out of the house and forgetting the bags? Or needing to stop by the store on the way home from work…can you help a girl out?

  7. We do have a solution for you and all the city dwellers! We have a great door hanger for the inside of your door that you will see every time you walk out the door! Our wonderful community members also recommend putting our FREE static cling on a window in your door or on a window next to your door if you have one! But with our door hanger, you will never forget your bags again!! Thanks for your support!

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