Are you a green parent? Green Mama shows you how – show 47


For me, hands down, the biggest “going green” motivator was having a baby. From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I watched what I put in my mouth like a hawk. Not to say that I didn’t cheat now and then – sneaking a really greasy French fry when no one was looking, but basically I knew whatever I put in my body, I put in my baby.

At that time, “going green” wasn’t the rage it is today, so I didn’t have all the resources parents have at their fingertips now. That’s good news for parents. I think the challenge today is how NOT to get overwhelmed by it all. Here to help parents with that is Manda Aufochs Gillespie otherwise known as The Green Mama. She is the creator of in Vancouver, Canada. A resource to inspire greener living for mamas and papas. She has put together the ten most effective green parenting habits for 2011. Listen up and see where you stand.

About my guest: The Green Mama was founded in 2007 by Manda Aufochs Gillespie. It brings research, planning expertise, and project management skills to the mundane aspects of raising a family, maintaining a home, or growing a small business or school. Manda has worked in the sustainability field for more than 14 years as an ecological planner, project manager, consultant, and writer. Her project expertise ranges from helping establish Chicago’s first major green daycare (with over 120 children) to serving as the green consultant on a multi-million dollar ecovillage development project. She has also worked directly with hundreds of families, bringing her passion for research and sustainability along with her sensitivity to address her clients needs. Her extensive green experience and upbeat approach has led her to be described in the media as  “the green guru” and “serious, but not absolute.” Her work has most recently been showcased on the television shows Save My Planet (on ABC’s Living Well network) and The Lazy Environmentalist (on HBO).

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