Who’s going hungry in America now

A poignant story by Linda Lowen about her teenage daughter working at a local grocery store. What she saw even in this wealthy neighborhood store was single mothers struggling to feed their kids. “More than a third of single mothers struggle to feed their children, and over 1 in 7 find that between insufficient income and lack of resources to obtain enough food, one or more family members go hungry.” In these economic times, it’s women and children that suffer most. Do something today for a woman you know that needs help. You know who she is.

Read Linda Lowen’s story “The Face of Hunger in America” here.

  1. My mother was one of those single mothers trying to feed her kids..
    She told me at the end of her life that she married a third time, just because she was afraid that she would end up on the streets with us..


  2. Sorry about your Mom, Melissa Lee. If we would all share the wealth that we have in our refrigerators, such as the fresh produce, that we probably won’t have time to use, before it waste….we could give that Mom a nutritional base for at least one meal of the day. Just start a list of women and children in need in your community and donate to them in rotation with others on the list. I’m sure the list would grow, as the word spread that you have a kind heart.

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