Big Boys suing reuseable bag company for “alleged environmental superiority”

You know ChicoBag, right? They’re the company that makes the reusable bags that fold up so tiny you can keep them in a purse or briefcase or glove compartment.

They’re being sued by three giant plastic-bag manufacturers for claiming – and this is a direct quote from the lawsuit – that reusable bags are “superior to plastic bags … with regard to environmental impact.” The lawsuit seeks to shut down all of ChicoBag’s advertising of why reusable bags represent an “alleged environmental superiority” over use-and-toss plastic bags.

Unbelievable. Our online editor discovered that the same plastic-bag companies behind the ChicoBag lawsuit are behind an ongoing misinformation campaign in Oregon (where lawmakers are considering a state-wide plastic bag ban). His editorial on the topic began appearing in newspapers nationwide yesterday. Check it out here and help us distribute it widely. Post to your blog, Facebook, tweet it out, or submit it for placement in YOUR local newspaper.

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  1. Here’s an update on the lawsuit involving ChicoBag. A settlement was reached Sept. 13, 2011. Use this link to view ChicoBag’s press release regarding the settlement

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