One Year Later: More than oil spilled in the Gulf

More than oil has ruined the Gulf of Mexico since the spill one year ago. An extensive report examines how families in the Gulf area have been affected with adverse health effects such as substantial increases in depression, domestic violence and substance abuse. You know what that means. It’s not just what’s in the sea that has been devastated. Women, children and families have been swallowed up by the spill as well. And if that isn’t depressing enough, the promises BP made to “make this right” have been broken — including the congressional and presidential calls for prompt financial compensation, oil industry accountability, and tougher regulations. Do they still have no women at the helm at BP?

Here’s what Living Green Magazine reports on the situation:

“Thousands of Gulf residents not only have not been ‘made whole’ from the disaster, but many have faced elevated levels of toxins in their bloodstreams, community conflicts, destruction of families, culture erosion, loss of property, including homes, cars, boats, etc., and for many, an end to their way of life for the foreseeable future. Only a fraction of Gulf residents truly believe that the systems that have been set up to assist them have made demonstrable strides towards ‘making it right,’ as has become the mantra representing the aim of recovery and restoration processes.”

The report also details the financial process that Gulf oil spill victims have to go through. (Many reports have been coming out about the frustration people go through to get a very small percentage of their claim paid out.)

Read more at Living Green Magazine


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