Love Food Hate Waste

Here at Women Of Green, as we scour the landscape for ways to support ourselves, our home communities and the world community to embrace sustainable and regenerative practices (and products!) we keep coming across one after another after another incredible projects. Up for review this week, a government financed group in Britain called Wrap. Wrap has been waging a campaign called Love Food Hate Waste. Its goal is to cut down on food waste in the home as a method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Have a look.

As Mireya Navarro in the NYT notes, “when we think of environmentally friendly behaviors, we tend to focus on things like turning down the thermostat or driving hybrid cars. But there are simpler interventions: storing fruit in a cool place so it lasts longer or just repurposing leftovers from last night’s dinner.”  The Wrap site says: “If we all stop throwing away food that could be eaten, it would have the same carbon emissions impact as taking one in four cars off the road.” There are so many pathways besides cutting out those flimsy plastic bags. Expand your idea of green behaviors, there are opportunities if you want them everywhere you look!

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