Two Girl Scouts take on the Girl Scouts: Get rainforest-destroying palm oil out of GS cookies!

Two courageous Girl Scouts, Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen, want your help. They are asking Girl Scouts USA CEO Kathy Cloninger to get rainforest-destroying palm oil out of Girl Scout cookies. The Girls Scout’s key mission is to empower young women to make a positive impact in the world. Too bad the organization has ignored them since their only meeting in 2008. So much for empowerment. Now Madison and Rhiannon have teamed up with the Rainforest Action Network to get their message out and plea heard. Stand with these girls to cut the ties that bind Girl Scouts to the endangerment of orangutans and the destruction of irreplaceable rainforests by signing a letter to Girl Scouts USA CEO Kathy Cloninger today at!

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You’ve got land, but you aren’t the gardening type. She’s got a green thumb, but no where to dig. Sounds like a match made in heaven? Thanks to, it is. Think of it as a Craigslist for gardening. It matches people with land to people with hoes.

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The Big Transition: Making the shift to a greener career

So many women are interested in trading in their conventional jobs for a greener career these days. So much so we started a Facebook Group called “Women in Green Jobs” so women could talk to each other and learn how to make the Big Transition. Tracey de Morsella at Green Economy Post, a blog that I subscribe to, writes a series aimed at helping you do just that. Her Green MBA Success Series highlights Green MBA graduates to uncover what steps they took to transition to green careers using their degrees. This post features Robin Connell, Manager of Sustainability Programs at Del Monte Foods. Find out how she went from a career in media marketing to one in sustainability.

Read this interview with Robin Connell on Green Economy Post.

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Who’s going hungry in America now

A poignant story by Linda Lowen about her teenage daughter working at a local grocery store. What she saw even in this wealthy neighborhood store was single mothers struggling to feed their kids. “More than a third of single mothers struggle to feed their children, and over 1 in 7 find that between insufficient income and lack of resources to obtain enough food, one or more family members go hungry.” In these economic times, it’s women and children that suffer most. Do something today for a woman you know that needs help. You know who she is.

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Big Boys suing reuseable bag company for “alleged environmental superiority”

You know ChicoBag, right? They’re the company that makes the reusable bags that fold up so tiny you can keep them in a purse or briefcase or glove compartment.

They’re being sued by three giant plastic-bag manufacturers for claiming – and this is a direct quote from the lawsuit – that reusable bags are “superior to plastic bags … with regard to environmental impact.” The lawsuit seeks to shut down all of ChicoBag’s advertising of why reusable bags represent an “alleged environmental superiority” over use-and-toss plastic bags.

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From asthma to aesthetics: How Zem Joaquin created an eco fabulous life – show 44


When Zem Joaquin’s two children suffered from chronic asthma, she took it in her own hands and undertook a major renovation in her home — and her life. “I was frustrated by the fact that both of my children were constantly being hospitalized. I was up so many nights with a nebulizer in hand with crying children,” she painfully remembers. “The pediatricians just kept saying that it was part of childhood, that many children have asthma.” But after they recommended putting her children on long-term steroids, she said, “Enough is enough!”

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Bees are dying due to cell phones

Whales get disoriented when sensing radar signals underwater, now an alarming study found that bees get confused, fly erratically and then suddenly die when sensing signals transmitted when our cell phones ring. This is a global problem and scientists say that it has resulted in a decrease by almost half of our bee population over the last 30 years. This is bad news because the mighty bee is essential in our agricultural and ecological systems. They not only produce honey, but more importantly, pollinate our crops. Are you willing to give up your phone for food?

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Accelerated Aging Strikes Again: Maria Rodale on aging gracefully.

Maria Rodale writes about studies that are finding that genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are now found in almost all our processed foods including non-organic corn and soy, cause accelerated aging.

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Rappin’ climate scientists tell it like it is!

This video is made our day. Climate scientists get out of the lab and into the studio for a rap session. Fed up with reporters pretending to be scientists, they pretend to be rappers to get the message across that CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. We don’t think this video is “peer reviewed” but who cares? They get the point across in a new, fresh way. Can wait to see what they’ll do next. Bungee jumping?

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Mainstreaming green behaviors demands massive new approach

Do you have ideas about how to use purchasing power for sustainability and the way to take green spending habits mainstream? Please share them!

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