Greenpeace Working to Get Facebook Off Coal

Greenpeace has been tenacious with trying to get Facebook to ditch coal as a power source for its data centers. Starting with their own Facebook page to show the company how many of its users would like it to “unfriend” coal, the activist group then moved on to set a world record in the comments section.

Greenpeace writes that Facebook’s change can come in five steps:

1. Come clean: Disclosure of energy and carbon footprint
2. Infrastructure siting policy — make it a priority to place data centers where renewable energy is plentiful.
3. Increase the supply of clean energy through power purchase agreements or renewable energy credits; investing in clean energy programs directly; or generating their own clean energy on-site.
4. Become clean energy advocates
5. Educate Facebook users about clean energy and how we can all sign up for using clean energy.

But is Facebook listening?

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