Spraying to Make Yards Green … but With Paint, Not Water

Homeowners associations can fine residents if their yards are not one of the following: a xeriscaped landscaped following a “desert design” with cactuses, desert flora and expanses of carefully placed rocks or healthy and vibrant green grass. Brown yards are not an option and carry the risk of citations, fines and even legal action… so people have begun pulling out the paint. With financial incentives available for those who forgo the grass entirely from many municipalities, it’s hard to understand why some people cling to their precious patch of green, even if the green is more costly and made of plastic. A desert landscape design manager named Marty Campisi from Phoenix explains it this way in the New York Times: “The ones who want lawns are mostly the ones with kids. I tell them that children can play in a desert landscape, as long as you stay away from anything with thorns.” As for painting the grass, Mr. Campisi does not even bring that up. “It’s crazy,” he said. “It’s putting a Band-Aid on the situation.” What do you prefer?

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