Washington DC Says Women are Essential in the Green Economy

Straight out of Washington DC, here are the remarks attributed to Lawrence J. Gumbiner, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

Women and youth are essential agents of change in society, and we believe they are particularly important in the context of the green economy. There are a number of ways in which educational opportunities, technical training, access to finance, and land and resource rights can enhance women’s roles in a green economy.” Tell us more Mr. Gumbiner. What exactly do you have in mind?

Gumbiner goes on to say, “We should all work to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, which are critical drivers of green growth.” Yes, of course, women and entrepreneurship. The true mothers of invention. This is your time. Mother nature is calling you. And DC.

Read the rest of Gumbiner’s remarks here.

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