Businesswomen Pushing the Green Agenda in China

China and the US are not only the largest economies in the world (US is #1, China #2), but they also consume vast amounts of energy. The good news is that women-owned businesses are the fastest growing segments in both economies! So it’s no surprise that women are taking a leadership role in promoting sustainability. In this post, “How Businesswomen are Helping China Push Its Green Agenda”, Ann Goodman, executive director of the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future tells how women’s ambitions for a global green economy were on view at the annual conference of the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs and what they are doing about it. Don’t you love it?

  1. I am a USA Product Development consultant and enjoyed your article very much. I have a lot of experience working in China developing many home decor and craft products. Recently, we launched a full line of Eco-friendly Craft products. As part of our production, we use a water filtration system that cleans the Shenzhen city water coming into the factory and then cleans it again before it goes back in to the city sewage system. Based on the cost of this equipment it is worth every dime spent to use clean water for the safety of our products. We are looking at solar panels for reducing electricity usage and combat the black outs in China for over usage of energy. I would love to participate in your organization in a more active role as I too enjoy working with women that want to make a “green” difference. Thank you.

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