Meet the Queen of Clean Tech, Rhonda Dibachi – show 36

Rhonda Dibachi is a women to watch. Her company, The Noribachi Group, has funded and is building several Clean Tech businesses from LED/solar lighting to custom solar material manufacturing to light-powered consumer electronics to home energy storage systems. She believes that clean tech offers the same promise of transformation to the masses as the internet did in the ’90’s. Instead of info, it’s energy.

“The way we live is going to be very, very different in the next 5, 10, 15 years,” Rhonda says. “Everyone has more power, more control over their power destiny.” She’s right. After listening to Rhonda, I am doubly excited about it all.

If you are a woman who is thinking of starting a business, or maybe already entrenched in one, listen to this podcast about a pro. She offers jewels like, “In order to be big, you have to go through small first.” That’s good. That’s very very good.

About my guest: Rhonda Dibachi is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for The Noribachi Group LLC, a private equity firm focused on CleanTech. She serves as the COO for many of The Noribachi Group’s portfolio companies.

Prior to co-founding the Noribachi Group, she was a co-founder of Niku Corporation, an enterprise software company that served the needs of project and resource management organizations. She served as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning and Senior Vice President of Development. She was responsible for the design and development of Niku’s products. Niku went public two years after inception (NASDAQ: NIKU). It was acquired by Computer Associates (CA) in 2003.

Earlier, Rhonda was an executive for Webvan, the online grocery store. She also held a number of positions in Oracle’s Business Applications division, including Director of Testing, Development Manager and Architect. Rhonda has a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from Santa Clara University. She is co-author of “Just Add Management: Seven Steps to Creating a Productive Workplace and Motivating Your Employees In Challenging Times”, McGraw-Hill, 2002. Rhonda serves on the New Mexico State Board of Finance.

Rhonda’s links:

  • (parent company)
  • (lighting division)
  • (consumer electronics division)

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