Speak Your Truth and Others Will Follow with Gail Larsen – show 33

“If you want to change the world, tell a better story,” says Gail Larsen. I absolutely love that because it’s so true. The stories we tell and how we tell them will determine the impact we have on another person, an audience, or the entire world. If you are a regular follower of Women Of Green, you know our ongoing mantra is “turn up the volume”. Gail Larsen, Transformational Coach and author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story teaches us how to do just that with purpose, eloquence and impact. Fast Company says her book is an “alchemical read that will transform your relationship to your voice via the deepest stirrings of your soul.” We need to tell our stories, women. Learn to tell them well.


About my guest: Gail Larsen is the founder of Real Speaking® and the author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story (Random House and Brilliance Audio). A U.S. Small Business Administration award-winning entrepreneur and former executive VP of the worldwide National Speakers Association, she maintains an active teaching schedule in the U.S. and Canada working with both business and social profit leaders. Her clients come from across North America, Australia, South Africa, and South America to learn and master the universal language of transformational speaking in Gail’s Transformational Speaking immersions into the heart, art and energetics of speaking, held in Santa Fe, NM.

Women Of Green 2011 Transformational Speaking Intensive with Gail Larsen in Santa Fe! This three-day intensive for just six women (you know who you are) is a rich exploration of your best ideas, the stories that bring them to life, and your own distinctive way to share them, all with ongoing coaching and videotaping. Participants will gather for three days and undertake a voyage of discovery, where you will:

  • Identify and develop your core message
  • Discover and appreciate your individual communications style
  • Learn dynamic principles that create and sustain success in public speaking and face-to-face communication
  • Experience deeper levels of authentic expression
  • Rekindle the power of your personal stories and learn how to use stories effectively
  • Watch your strengths emerge as you receive potent on-camera coaching
  • Learn an easy method of presentation development
  • Develop and deliver an original presentation integrating all you’ve learned

Email Carolyn here for more information: carolyn (at) mindovermarkets (dot) com. Make this the best year of your life!

Come to Santa Fe!

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